The most expensive and the most affordable living: global rating of cities 2020

The most expensive and the most affordable living: global rating of cities 2020

15.04.2020 16:00

According to CNN, this year the top position in the list of the most expensive cities was shared by three megacities at once: Singapore, Hong Kong and Osaka. Such conclusion was reached by the researchers from the Economist Intelligence Unit. When assessing the cost of living in 133 major cities of the planet, they regarded the data on 160 targeted goods and services.

New York took the forth position in the rating. Paris «fell in price» to the fifth line, where also Zurich placed. About 40 European cities, except Moscow, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Kiev, also stooped down of the ranked list. For example, Geneva lost 5 points and dropped to the 10th place, while Copenhagen, which previously occupied the seventh position, flew out of the top ten in general.

Likewise, there are many changes in the East. Among megacities from this part of the world, only Tel Aviv entered the rating’s top ten in (in 2020 it takes the seventh position). Tokyo and Los Angeles shared eighth place.

Damascus turned to the cheapest city. It’s a bit more expensive to live in Tashkent, Buenos Aires, together with the cities of Karachi and Almaty — all four metropolises scored the same number of points.

Over the past year, the cost of living in the cities around the world went down by an average 4%. Analysts link this fact with the impact of the trade wars between the US and China, as well as the stability of the US economy and currency.

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