What countries do Belarusians choose more often while looking for property abroad? REALTING analytics for 2020

What countries do Belarusians choose more often while looking for property abroad? REALTING analytics for 2020

Indeed, the year 2020 turned out to be tough for Belarusians. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic that broke out all over the world, making its own adjustments, the Belarusian society is facing a severe political crisis. For a variety of reasons, some Belarusians were forced to leave the country due to the tense situation in Belarus after the presidential election. 

No wonder in the autumn of 2020 Minsk had the lowest number of real estate transactions. Demand continues to weaken while supply has been steadily increasing for many weeks in a row. According to the data on Realt.by portal, by far, one sold apartment accounts for fifteen offered for sale.

What countries appeal to Belarusians?

The analysis of international traffic on REALTING platform says that at this point almost 67% of users from Belarus are interested in real estate in Poland. The top 5 frequently requested countries include the Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania, and Montenegro.

The directions of the search for foreign real estate by users from Belarus (in the period 01.08.20—⁠23.11.20)


The authorities of Poland were among the first to announce their willingness to help Belarusian citizens. They developed a solidarity plan that provides for: 

  • financial support; 
  • scholarship programs for students and scientists; 
  • simplifying entry and access to the labor market, etc. 

University education, official employment, doing business, etc. are among the main ways of legalization in Poland. Buying real estate in the country is not on the list. Nevertheless, having your own apartment or house will solve the issue of your place of residence and registration, and will become an additional reason for issuing a temporary residence permit. 

According to experts from the Warsaw-based East West Reals agency, investments in real estate in Poland, especially in Warsaw, are deemed to be highly profitable today. It is worth noting that the residential real estate market in the capital remains dynamic even during the COVID-19 period — a one-bedroom apartment in the center is usually sold within a couple of weeks. Small apartments with an area of up to 35 m² are in high demand, including among Belarusians.

Polish cities that Belarusian users are mostly interested in

Foreign citizens are entitled to purchase almost any property in Poland. Restrictions apply only to the purchase of houses and land plots — in these cases, a special permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland is required. You must provide the passport and the consent of your spouse.

What housing can be bought in Poland at the price of an apartment in Minsk

One-room apartments in Warsaw

Chopin airport 15 km away. The apartment is perfect for passive income. 

Price — 64,062 €.


One-room studio apartment in Warsaw

Bright, spacious, beautifully designed studio apartment. Equipped with all necessary furniture and appliances. 

Price — 76,884 €.


Two-room apartment in Warsaw

Apartment in a new residential complex in the area with well-developed infrastructure: shops, schools, kindergarten, and park nearby. 

Price — 80,461 €.


More current offers in Poland here.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is considered to be one of the most economically stable and secure countries in Europe. It continues to be among the top five most popular countries among Russian-speaking emigrants from year to year.

For a long-term stay in the territory of the Czech Republic, a foreign citizen needs to obtain the appropriate permission (called residence permit). The purchase of a residential, commercial property or land plot in the Czech Republic is not a reason for issuing a residence permit. However, the housing tenure (regarding relatives in particular) provides an opportunity to apply for a Schengen Visa under a simplified procedure.

There are no serious requirements for foreigners who want to buy property in the Czech Republic. To complete the transaction, you will only need an international passport and the required amount of funds for the purchase. 

Czech cities that Belarusian users are mostly interested in

What objects can you buy in the Czech Republic by selling an apartment in Minsk

Two-room apartments in Ústí nad Labem

A few years ago, the apartment was completely renovated. 

Price — 43,680 €.


Studio apartment in Brno

Went through a complete overhaul in 2018. Basement included. 

Price — 79,950 €.


ДTwo-room apartment in the Central Bohemian Region

10 minutes’ drive from Prague. There is all the necessary furniture and appliances in the apartment. 

Price is 86,366 €.


More current offers in the Czech Republic here.


It is natural that Belarusians have fallen in love with this warm and sunny country. According to EspanaTour agency experts’ observations, Belarusians buy apartments in Spain as a contribution to their better retirement in the future or a launching pad for coming to the country for permanent residence. Most of them, as a rule, have a budget of 60-80 thousand euros. Thus, medium-sized business representatives in Belarus can afford to buy housing in Spanish cities.

To move to Spain, you need to apply for a residence permit. The purchase of real estate is not regarded as a way of getting the permit. When purchasing real estate, all family members receive a multi-visa. In case of frequent trips abroad, you can expect to get a five-year Schengen Visa.

Cities in Spain REALTING visitors from Belarus are mostly interested in

What property can you buy in Spain at the price of two-room and three-room apartments in Minsk

Three-room apartments in the city of Valencia

There is all the necessary furniture and appliances in the apartment. 

Price-68,500 €.


One-bedroom apartment in Alicante

Spacious apartment with a modern renovation in the city center. 

Price is 71,200 €.


Two-room apartment in Torrevieja

This apartment has a unique design and a big balcony. The beach is 650 meters far from the house.

Price — 89,990 €. 


More current offers in Spain here.


Lithuania was also among the first countries to lend a helping hand to the citizens of Belarus. As early as in August 2020, restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 were lifted for Belarusians, who were allowed to enter the country for special humanitarian purposes. 

In early December, Saulius Skvernelis, Prime Minister of Lithuania, said that national visas will be issued free of charge to Belarusian citizens who are unable to stay in Belarus for political reasons. You can also get a national visa if its issuance contributes to cooperation in the field of development, foreign policy, and national security.

According to experts from the largest Lithuanian agency Capital, a Lithuanian residence permit allows you to live in the country, conduct professional activities, and receive all social guarantees. Issuance of a residence permit in exchange for the purchase of real estate is not provided for by local legislation. The housing tenure in Lithuania allows a foreigner to get an EU multi-visa and it is considered to be a strong argument for obtaining a residence permit on other grounds.

Foreign citizens have the right to purchase real estate in Lithuania, but there are some restrictions on the purchase of agricultural objects. In general, you will only need a passport, a notarized power of attorney confirming financial independence, and, if necessary, the consent of your spouse.

The most popular Lithuanian cities among Belarusians

Examples of apartments in Lithuania that are comparable in cost to housing in Minsk

Three-room apartment in Kaunas

Spacious apartment with new renovation. Only 15-minute walk from the city center.

Price — 34,170 €.


c46c223a056eb.jpg (1200×800)

Three-bedroom apartment in Klaipėda 

Apartment with modern interior design. Went through a complete overhaul in 2015. 

Price — 65,000 €.


Two-room apartment in Vilnius

Bright, spacious, beautifully designed studio apartment. Equipped with all necessary furniture and appliances. 

Price — 78,900 €. 


More current offers in Lithuania here.


Comfortable climate, predominantly sunny weather and picturesque nature attract tourists from all over the world. Affordable prices, low-cost maintenance, and stable growth in demand for local real estate make Montenegro appealing for investors.

It is quite easy to get legalized in the country, including by the purchase of the real estate. REALTING partner, the Montenegrin company Montbel, provides free assistance in obtaining a residence permit for all its clients, as well as their family members. In August 2020, as an expression of solidarity with Belarusians, the agency launched a special offer that includes a wide range of services for moving to Montenegro.

It should be mentioned that Belarusian citizens can stay in Montenegro without a visa for up to 1 month. And it is possible to extend your stay in the country after a short break.

The most frequently requested cities in Montenegro by Belarusians

Real estate in Montenegro, equal in price to Minsk apartments

Studio apartment in Budva

900 meters from the sea coast. The apartment is fully equipped with furniture and appliances. 

Price — 67,200 €.


One-room apartment in Herceg Novi

Guest apartments in a condominium. The district with developed infrastructure and a 5-kilometer embankment. 

Price — 70,000 €.


Two-room apartment in Budva

With furniture and appliances. Well-developed infrastructure, within walking distance from the beach. 

Price — 76,000 €.


More current offers in Montenegro here.

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