Buying an apartment in Poland? No problem! We found 5 apartments for € 65,000 or less 2021

Buying an apartment in Poland? No problem! We found 5 apartments for € 65,000 or less

Recently, the cost of apartments in Poland has been growing, leaving us next to no chance of success in our search for cheap housing. However, on the platform, we found many options for apartments in Warsaw and Poznan for up to € 65,000. Yes, it may not be the most economic housing, but these properties are a great deal for your money.

An apartment in Poznan for € 62,044

Poznan: a two-room apartment with an area of 36.4 sq. m. You can buy an apartment on the 8th floor of a ten-story building for € 62,044 (there are two elevators and an intercom in the building). The realtor points out in the ad that this is a light-filled apartment with east-facing windows. 

The apartment consists of an entrance hall (2.8 sq. m.), a living room (16 sq. M.), a small kitchen (4.4 sq. m.), a bedroom (9.8 sq. m.), a bathroom (3 , 4 sq. m.), and a balcony (2 sq. m.). The seller indicates that the apartment was completely renovated in 2017. For the decoration of the walls, they chose a non-standard light green color which, nevertheless, harmoniously combines with the light furniture and wooden doors. 

The apartment is fully furnished, all the necessary equipment is installed: washing machine, refrigerator, freezer, oven, electric stove.

The building is located in an area with a well-developed social and transport infrastructure. There are bus stops nearby, and the city center is about 15 minutes away by car (around 5 km). There are several parks, a forest and a lake within walking distance.

The University of Natural Sciences is located nearby, so this option is also an excellent investment for renting out to students.

Studio apartment in Poznan for € 62,044

Another apartment is for sale in Poznan at the same price. This is a property with a total area of 35.8 sq. m. which consists of a large living room, a separate kitchen and a spacious corridor. At the same time, the realtor points out that, technically, this property can be made into a two-room apartment due to the location of the windows. The apartment is located on the third floor of a four-storey building

It has been modernly renovated and has all the necessary household appliances. The apartments are furnished and ready to move in.

According to the seller, this option is attractive, most of all, for its location. The building is in close proximity to local discount stores, a large Biedronka supermarket, and educational institutions. Another one of its advantages is its proximity to the forest. All these factors together will allow the owner to easily find tenants for this apartment should they decide to.

Studio apartment in Warsaw for € 62,044

For the same money, you can buy a one-room apartment in the capital of Poland — Warsaw. For € 62,044 you can buy a 25 sq. m., apartment located on the outskirts of a residential complex, among greenery and beautiful views. Nearby is the beautiful Bielański forest — a favorite place for recreation and walks among local residents. 

In addition, this area has a well-developed transport infrastructure: there are several metro stations within walking distance, a bus and tram stop next to the building. 

The apartments, with an area of 24.5 sq. m., consist of a large room (18 sq. m.), a hall with a kitchen (4 sq. m.) and a balcony (1.5 sq. m.). The living room has west-facing windows with excellent views of the park trees. 

The apartment is located on the 2nd floor of a residential building. There is free ground parking nearby.

The realtor indicates that the apartment is ready to move in. And its advantageous location will allow you to consider this offer from the point of view of investments. The shopping center Galeria Młociny is located nearby (800 m), as well as a Lidl store, a Biedronka supermarket, several schools, clinics, the Bielański hospital, and the Bielany town hall. Also, there are universities close by: UKSW (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University) is one bus stop away; AWF (the Academy of Physical Education) is at two bus stops’ distance.  

One-bedroom apartment in Poznan for € 62,044 

In Poznan, there is also a one-bedroom apartment for sale for the same price, € 62,044. This modern apartment of 52 sq. m immediately attracted our attention. Perhaps the reason for this was its large living room combined with a kitchen.

The seller points out that it used to be a three-room apartment, and, at the request of the future owner, the living room can again be converted into another bedroom.

The apartment is located on the top floor of a ten-storey building. According to the realtor, the bedrooms’ windows offer an excellent view of the panorama of Poznan. The bedroom area total 16 sq. m. and 11.5 sq. m., respectively, while the combined living room and kitchen take up 23 sq. m. m. (earlier, they were a small, 3 sq. m. kitchen, and a living room with an area of 20 sq. m.). The bathroom (5 sq. m.) has a place for a washing machine.

The announcement states that there are only 2 apartments on each floor in the building. There are 2 elevators and the stairwells are planned to be renovated in the near future.

One-bedroom apartment in Warsaw for € 63,132 

Another apartment is for sale in Warsaw for no more than € 65,000. The one-bedroom apartment is located on the first floor of a four-storey building built in 1965. According to the seller, this is an ideal place for people with limited mobility or the elderly. 

For € 63,132 you can buy an apartment with a total area of 37 sq. m. This includes a large living room with kitchen equipment (22.5 sq. m.), a bedroom (9.5 sq. m.), a bathroom (2.5 sq. m.) and a corridor (4 sq. m.). Also, the owner can use a basement with an area of 2.12 sq. m.

The apartment is located in an area with a well-developed infrastructure: there are shops, cafes and restaurants nearby. At the same time, according to the realtor, the neighborhood can be described as the «quiet and green outskirts».

You can find even more interesting apartments in Warsaw, Poznan and other cities in our section «real estate in Poland».

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