A region of Italy, rarely visited by tourists, will pay its visitors. What region we are talking about and what kind of bonuses are waiting for tourists — see below.

The authorities of the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia figured out how to attract tourists and developed a whole plan. Such measures became necessary because travelers come to this region very rarely.

First, tourists will be paid (how much — is not clear yet); secondly, all visitors to the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region will be able to travel for free on trains throughout Italy (this also applies to state trains Trenitalia, and high-speed lines Frecce) — region officials promise to pay all tickets; and also all tourists in the region will receive a special card that can be free to visit museums, use public transport and get discounts in various establishments.

However, regions in Italy are all different. In Venice, for example, the opposite is true — from January 1, 2023 tourists themselves will pay to visit the city. The authorities have already officially confirmed this information. The cost of the fee will range from 3.25 to 10.85 dollars, depending on the time of year.

In general, Italy is recovering quite well after the pandemic: a lot more tourists are coming to the country, so the income from this sector is increasing. Especially many travelers come from the U.S. — from July to September alone, 2.2 million Americans visited Italy.

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