Top 10 countries where you can get a Schengen quickly and without nerves

Top 10 countries where you can get a Schengen quickly and without nerves

It became known to consulates of which European countries it is worth applying to get a Schengen visa more quickly and with greater probability. The report with the ranking of countries and the percentage of refusals in them was published by the European Tourist Commission (ETC).

The travel industry is actively recovering: by the end of this year, Europe is expected to reach 75% of 2019 travel volumes, i.e. the pre-pandemic period. Also, compared to 2019, flight volumes in August 2022 are down by only 11%. At the same time, the European Tourist Commission stresses that more people are likely to choose short-term travel in the future for economic reasons. 

«European tourism has proven to be exceptionally resilient to inflation. Although the cost-of-living crisis is forcing many to change their approach to travel, it is not dampening their desire to explore Europe,» — says ETC president Luis Araujo. 

Recently, not all places handle applications for Schengen visas in a timely manner, and very often this question is rejected altogether. In order not to «close» for themselves European tourist destinations, you just need to know in which consulates are more likely to get a Schengen visa.

Here is the current rating of such countries in ascending order of percentage of refusals:

  • Luxembourg — the refusal rate is 1.2% of the received 2,383 applications for a Schengen visa. 
  • Slovakia — 2.7% of 3,886 applications. 
  • Lithuania — 2.8% of 24,764 applications.
  • Czech Republic — 3.3% of the 207,470 applications. 
  • Latvia — 3.5% of 16,764 applications. 
  • Finland — 4.7% out of 61,015 applications. 
  • Hungary — 4.8% of 70,269 applications. 
  • Estonia — 5.4% out of 40,657 applications. 
  • Poland — 5.6% of 41,891 applications. 
  • Greece — 6.3% of 295,634 applications.
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