The Multimillionaire Configurator at the VIIth session of Investors Congress 2020 will be held on October 26-28, 2020 in the building of the Munich City Hall

The Multimillionaire Configurator at the VIIth session of Investors Congress 2020 will be held on October 26-28, 2020 in the building of the Munich City Hall

The Multimillionaire Configurator at the VIIth session of Investors Congress 2020 will be held on October 26-28, 2020 under the flag of a privat meeting in the building of the Munich City Hall. The organizers brought together government agencies, millionaire investors, patrons of art from 20 countries.

The main mission of Congress 2020 is the value of investments in an era of economic turbulence and mutual assistance. Traditionally, the opening of the congress will take place in October. This year it will be held on October 27th at the main Presse Club Munich. A lot of news agencies and media come to the Congress, such as Stankevicius MGM, The American Reporter, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Yahoo Finance, BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, The New York Journal, Digital Journal, Washington Morning, The Los Angeles Journal. The Congress will start with the opening remarks by the organizer of the Congress Frau Stukkert, CEO of the investment company Stukkert & Co, Valentin Kilber CEO of Business Forum Germany and Pavel Rudanovsky CEO of the BRICS + investment forum.

The third private Congress Awards 2020 will take place on October 27, 2020, in the heart of Munich in the 19th century Rathaus, in the presence of guests from the political arena of Bavaria and the European Parliament. Private meeting organizer, the Stukkert & Co Foundation, together with Stankevicius MGM, The American Reporter, The New York Journal have been awarding this investment prize to politicians, philanthropists, investors, and influencers over the last 7 years.

From left to right: Daniel von Lison, Didier Le Calvez, Toni Shterev

This year, the award will recognize figures from the investment world for their contribution to stabilizing and supporting the global economy, politics and charity:

  • God Nisanov, billionaire, philanthropist, Russian entrepreneur, № 34 in the Forbes 2019 rating of the 200 richest businessmen in Russia.
  • Govind Balakrishna Raju, Vice President, Innovative Technologies. International Peoples Alliance of the World.
  • Toni Shterev, investor, millionaire, USM Holdings Executive Director Business Development-Representative Europe, general sponsor of the Bulgarian Red Cross. On his initiative, the charitable organizations Christmas Charity, Ecology, Eco-logic were created. Toni’s clients include: Paper Made, ESM, Stretch Film Industry, EU Resins. And projects with: Boris Rotenberg, Alisher Usmanov, Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Bernard Loze, Oleg Deripaska.
  • Sergey Nikitin, Head of the Representative Office of the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Germany.
  • Didier Le Calvez, President Ré Management
  • Alexander Gerchik, millionaire, RTS, CME, NYSE / NASDAQ trader.

During the private gala evening, the host of the CONGRESS AWARDS 2020 ceremony, the titled Prince Karl Heinz Richard von Sayn-Wittgenstein, a millionaire showman, will hold a charity auction for the Baron Daniel von Lison Foundation — PARAMUSIX. Baron is a member of the Royal Order of St. Stanislaus from the House of Romanov. The Order supports humanitarian projects both nationally and internationally, as the concept of chivalry is still of great importance in the modern world. In addition, the order provides assistance to the Austrian Goldene Note Foundation for gifted children. Lots with a total value of up to € 500,000 will be put up for sale at the Congress Orders international charity auction. Among them: teeth of a Tyrannosaurus and mammoth in the form of a sculpture-cast, made in collaboration with the artist and sculptor Fabrizio Lavagna. Each sculpture is a 100% reproduction of prehistoric inhabitants of the Earth, made on the basis of genuine animal bones and skeletons. The owner of the lot is a scientific researcher, paleontologist, Professor François Escuillié, director of the Eldonia company. Organizer of the lot and art project at the Congress Olga Daniele, CEO 365 ART (Great Britain).

Among 365 ART clients are such well-known companies as:

  • Gazprombank (Russia);
  • PWC (Italy);
  • official distributors of BMW and AUDI AMAG in Switzerland.


Dina Sinelnikova (Germany, Berlin) — founder of «BomondPro — International Club of Emotional Health and Aesthetics», well-known and successful art therapist and art historian, docent at the Berlin Institute of Relaxation and Communication Methods and the Co-founder of the Club — Irina Sinelnikova (Russia). She also presents us some art lots. Her club has a collection of extraordinary artworks of painters, sculptors, which harmonize a living space of humans. The collection includes following artworks: «Autumn in the mountains» Orchun Kasap (Northern Cyprus, Girne); «Prologue», «Harvesting herbs», «Legends by the fire» storyteller and illustrator Inga Liakh (Russia, Kaliningrad); panel «Crane» by artist-sculptor Ekaterina Kopyrzova (Russia, Kaliningrad); «Pieces of the sky» by artist and restorer Ekaterina Dmitrieva (Russia, Moskow).

The auction House will be visited by the special guest — Igor Sivov, the founder of online school «Conscious parent», the founder of cosmetic brand Miralin, the General Adviser of the President of FISU — International University Sports Federation. 
The evening will be held with a «bouquet of freedom» from the founders of the winery «Meine Freiheit» Sascha Magsamen and Anna Wohlthat.
On October 27th, within the framework of the GALA EVENING Congress, Fashion presentation: the presentation of divers high fashion brands from Middle East and European minimalism «Talabaya» Mirka Talavaskova. Congressmen will receive gifts — exclusive accessories and dresses.

Designer Jenny Ananian will present the exclusive Haute Couture collection of the «RuaRua» brand, which was highly appreciated and recognized at Paris Fashion Week 2020. This collection is a result of inspiration by the «pearl in emeralds», as the Moorish poets called the Alhambra, silk flowers, feather butterflies, unique hand embroidery, intertwined in it European style with oriental motives. The congressmen will receive gifts — exclusive accessories of this Brand.
The culmination of the evening is the presentation of a royal collection of clothes from the legendary Brand and Fashion House «Queen of Europe» Anastasia Nikishina. Her fashion show «Monarch World» will be embodied in a sensational show of royal, royal images of the first ladies of states of different eras and states. The selected guests of the congress will be able to feel like royalty.

Book presentations: «Brighten up your Diet Indian cooking» by a great esthete and gourmet, elite healthy food chef Oto Zemnieks and curator of this project Jelena Velichenko, and «Metacopywriting» by Natalia Maiorova. According to the rule of safety and restriction, masquerade and face masks will be used at the Congress. ACCSSEX fashion jewelry brand, from St. Petersburg brand, founded by designer Xenia Kazartceva, will provide all Congress participants with their gift sets. This is more than just beautiful jewelry, it is a kind of closed club for specials, dedicated people. And the Congress participants have a great opportunity to join it.

Speakers and guests of honor of the private presentation:

  • Christian Grosse, Chairman of the Open International Dialogue (Germany).
  • Dr. h.c. Sergej Tschernjawskij, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Central Government Committee of the CSU Bavaria for Migration and Integration on the development of dialogue (Germany).
  • Manana Palagaschwili, international relations specialist and chairman of the jury of CONGRESS AWARDS 2020 (Germany).
  • Jeff J Butler, TEDx’s main speaker, author of books on international sales (USA).
  • Ayla Aldjufrie, Founder of Global Property Bank and Real Estate Education Technology Center (Indonesia).
  • Kseniya Korzun, General Manager, ILP Group (England).
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