«You can rent these apartments out». A selection of small studios in Warsaw starting at $78,000 2021

«You can rent these apartments out». A selection of small studios in Warsaw starting at $78,000

In Europe, there is a growing trend for small apartments with an approximate area of 20 sq. m. In response, more and more developers, are guided by compact studio apartments where the bedroom is combined with the living room and kitchen when choosing their layouts. We decided to look up the price of such small apartments in the capital of Poland on Realting.com, and at the same time asked some experts of the Polish real estate market why small-sized housing is so popular.

The partments are small, but have things to make them special

It should be noted that apartments with an area of 20 square meters are far from the smallest housing in the world. In Brazil and Moscow, for example, there are 11 sq. m apartments, and in Japan, where the population density is as high as it gets (very much like rental prices), there is micro-housing with an area of 8 sq. m. Against the background of such super-small apartments, housing with an area of 20 sq. m. does not seem so small anymore. In any case, let’s see what kind of small-sized housing you can buy in Warsaw.

A 25-square-meter apartment for $78,216

These apartments, with a total area of 25 sq. m., are located in the south of the city, in the Wilanów district. This is a fully furnished apartment with built-in appliances.

The interior design gives preference muted colors: light gray, terracotta, yellow. The storage system designed in an interesting way — several spacious drawers are located above the sofa and the work table.

The apartment is located in a building where the spacious hall on the ground floor houses a laundry, a reception, and a coworking space. A coworking space is a common space where you can work, have coffee, meet with colleagues or clients.

A 24-square-meter apartment for $82,825

In the Żoliborz neighborhood, in the North-East part of the city, there is a 24-square-meter apartment that sells for $82,825. The building, erected in 1970, is located on Elblongska street. The apartment is located on the 9th floor and boasts good view of the city.

The living room area totals 17.9 sq. m. At the same time, a small but functional kitchen is built out in a separate room, combined with the entrance hall (its total area is 3.3 sq. m.). The interior is designed in classic light colors.

According to the seller, this property is ideal for renting out: the good location of the house and the convenient nearby transport infrastructure distinguish this offer from others.

A 28-square-meter apartment for $86,979

Another apartment, with an area of 28 sq. m., is for sale in Warsaw. It is located on the 1st floor of a 1980 building.

The apartment consists of a bright living room with an area of 17.5 sq. m., a small kitchen (4 sq. m.) and a bathroom with an area of 4 sq. m. As a bonus, it also includes a basement (1.5 sq. m.).

The building is located in a beautiful green area with well-established social and transport infrastructure. There is a public transport stop within walking distance, and the S8 highway is located nearby, which means that you will have no problems when leaving the city.

A 21-square-meter apartment for $90,874

This one-room apartment, with an area of 21 sq. m., is located in a building dating back to 2005. The apartment consists of a living room and a combined bathroom.

The highlight of this apartment is an unusual interior design with bright details. At the same time, the design of its space is thought out to the smallest detail: the color of the refrigerator echoes the color of the bedspread on the sofa, the white monochrome walls are «diluted» by some bright red boxes and a small ladder of the same color.

It should be noted that, if the future owner wants something calmer, the design of this apartment can be easily modernized — all you need to do is replace these bright details.

«A studio apartment in a good area of Warsaw can cost as much as $120,000»

— In Warsaw, housing is quite small, and this is the norm here, — said an expert from the real estate agency East West Reals. — Such apartments are in demand, since due to their small area, the total price is not too high either, and such an apartment can be financially affordable for a much larger cut of the population. Furthermore, if it is located in a good area, then such housing will be sold faster than a larger apartment. 

Another option for using small apartments is investing. There are two ways to implement such an investment: renting out to tourists by the day or selling ready-made real estate at a higher price. 

If we consider small apartments as a place to live, then, as a rule, students or young working people tend to live in small studios. For them, their apartment is just a place to spend the night. In such a situation, a small area is even an advantage, since utility bills will also be lower here. 

As for prices, the cost of a square meter in Warsaw has been growing lately, and this does not change depending on the area where properties are located. Now, for $70,000, you can buy either a studio somewhere far out on the outskirts of Warsaw (or a suburb), or in an old building. If you are looking at a new building in a good area, a studio apartment (25-30 sq. m.) with a proper renovation can cost about $120,000.

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