Lithuania opened its borders to citizens of Belarus due to the complex situation in the country. How much does a property cost in Lithuania? 2020

Lithuania opened its borders to citizens of Belarus due to the complex situation in the country. How much does a property cost in Lithuania?

28.08.2020 16:30
Author: Marina Cremer

Poland has already announced it is ready to help Belarusians who were subjected to violence and pressure on political grounds (find how much housing costs there at the link). Before that, despite the coronavirus, neighboring with Belarus Lithuania opened its borders for Belarusians, the Lithuanian irytas website informed on August 12. We decided to see how much accommodation costs in the most popular cities in Lithuania. Here is a review of the most interesting options.

Go to Vilnius in a day

There are different ways to get to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania: by train, car, minibus, or even plane. The majority of Belarusians view this city as a large shopping center or a transfer point to fly at a low cost to almost any part of the world. However, let us change the perspective and look at Vilnius as a permanent (long-term) residence city.

Vilnius is a beautiful ancient city with amazing architecture. What are worth only beautiful streets of the Old Town, where one can wander all days long. If to look at the capital from a height, a colorful blanket of orange roofs will be seen. The center is mostly covered with low-rise buildings, many attractions, and very atmospheric coffee shops. Nevertheless, let’s go back to real estate and use the international real estate platform for the search.

A two-room apartment with a total area of 54 sq. m. can be purchased for $54,100. This will be an apartment with a 16,21-sq.m bedroom, and a 32,83-sq. m living room combined with the kitchen. Monolithic building constructed in 2005 is located in the area with a well-developed infrastructure: a kindergarten, a school, a polyclinic, and a shopping center. Just across the road, there is a river.

A three-bedroom apartment in the residential Solo City quarter is 2 times more expensive: $111,500. It is a flat with a total area of 67 sq. m. in a building constructed in 2013. The property is renovated in neutral light colors, so a future owner can easily change its style to their taste.

The seller points out several advantages: «There are schools, kindergartens, shopping, and entertainment centers nearby; the city center and most important parts of it can be reached quickly with no traffic jams».

A townhouse costs $191,000. It has a total area of 273 sq.m of which a basement is 90 sq. m, living space is 159 sq. m and a garage is 22,74 sq. m. The house has all communication lines and gas. The plot is 700 sq.m.

Move to the sea in Klaipėda

This year citizens of Belarus remember this inaccessible seashore as never before. The sound of waves, sand (or gravel-stone, it does not matter!) beaches, and salty breeze make up an incredible dream. So let’s go to Klaipeda that has it all for real.

Besides the seacoast, Klaipėda boasts postcard-like views: low-rise buildings, stunning architecture, and well-tended lawns on the back of perfect yachts. For sure, housing here is not cheap at all.

A 36-sq. m one-room apartment will cost $59,000. It will be a full finished property in a new low-rise complex with painted walls and ceiling, hardwood floorboard, multiple glazing PVC windows, insulated brick walls, solid doors, bathrooms with bathtubs or shower units. Each apartment in the complex will have an included in the price balcony or terrace of up to 33 sq. m. Besides, there will be a private space in the basement.

A 34-sq. m one-room apartment on the secondary market costs $67,600. The flat is located on the third floor in a building constructed in 2010. The housing is fully furnished, has a self-supporting collector heating system, air conditioning, heated floor in the bathroom, signaling system, fire signal system, cable TV. According to the seller, it takes 15 minutes to get to the sea on foot.


Besides, in the secondary market, some options are more expensive. For example, a two-bedroom apartment with a total area of 61 sq. m. is sold for $163,400. The flat is located on the second floor of a six-story building constructed in 2003. The seller says it is situated 500 meters from the sea.

Stop the time in Kaunas

Kaunas, the second most important and largest city in Lithuania, is located about 100 km from the capital. Its main highlight is its rich history, which one can literally feel and touch. There are a castle, museums and galleries, theaters, and parks in the city. They say there is a charming zoo too.

It is easy to find properties here. A two-room apartment with a total area of 65 sq. m can be purchased for $72,000. This will be housing with no finishing in a new building in the Šilo Namai residential quarter. Besides, one can also find a flat with finishing.

In the same residential complex, a 78-sq. m. three-bedroom apartment will cost $103,000.

Back to the sea, to Palanga

Let’s complete our review with the famous Palanga. This is a resort town with a rather cold but much-beloved sea. There are many typically touristic attractions: museums, coffee shops, restaurants, shops, and shopping malls. Many service workers speak excellent Russian language.

A 43-sq. m one-bedroom apartment with a total area of. has a price of $81,000. This flat is located on the sixth floor of a six-story brick building. The Baltic Sea is just 150 meters away. There is a private terrace with a breathtaking view of the pine forest and the city.

A 70-sq. m two-bedroom apartment costs $107,000. It is a ready-to-move-in flat with no furniture in a building constructed in 2012. It has a fenced territory and car parking. It takes about 20 minutes on foot to the sea and the city center.


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