Italy is short about 40 percent of its salaried employees, according to a recent Espresso report. There are not enough Italians to cover the shortage of workers. Therefore, the authorities plan to attract more migrants to make it more comfortable for them to live and work in the country.

What kind of workers are particularly deficient? Carpenters, caregivers, electricians, sales clerks, waiters, bricklayers, couriers, cleaners are in high demand.

How will migrants be attracted? Since recently, migrants in Italy do not need to obtain a permanent work contract to stay legally in the country for humanitarian reasons — this is the decision made by Italy’s Supreme Court. All that is required from migrants is knowledge of Italian language and possibility of employment. As officials believe, this will be enough for migrants to integrate into Italian society.

It is known that the number of migrants arriving in Italy since the beginning of 2022 has reached 70,225.

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