Office 78 m² in Liguria, Italy

Italy, Liguria
€ 236,900
Updated at: 05.02.2023


Country: Italy
City: Liguria

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Total area: 78 m²
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LEVANTO ( SPECIAL, LIGURY ) // 78 KV M // NEXT 30 KV M // HISTORICAL CENTER // EXISTING BUSINESS This active restaurant in Italy is located in the historic center of Levanto, a popular tourist town near the resort „; Five Land ”";. Layout: entrance from the street where there is an external dining room with an area of 30 square meters ( badger ), which was repaired in May 2020. Using wooden floors and lighting. The main entrance leads to the inner dining room, where there are tables and a bar. Plus a bathroom. In the short corridor we are in a professionally equipped kitchen. There is also a private bathroom, built-in wardrobe and mezzanine. A restaurant company in Italy is sold with equipment and it is also possible to receive a wine collection. Levanto - a city in the eastern part of Liguria, surrounded by a valley of olive groves, vineyards, small villages and paths that are part of the Chinkwe - Terre National Park. The valley overlooks the long sandy beaches on the coast, which is a protected sea area. Levanto is closely related to the neighboring cities of Bonassol and Framur along the pedestrian and bicycle path overlooking the coast. A great place for lovers of walks and hidden bays, which previously could only be reached by boat.


Italy, Liguria
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