In Albania, the law «For foreigners» has been amended. These amendments relate to obtaining a residence permit in the country for investments. 

For a residence permit and a work permit in Albania, it is necessary to invest in the economy. The minimum amount is 10 million leks (approximately $92,430). And while previously planned to issue a residence permit and work permit for 1 year, now this period has been increased to 5 years.

There are other adjustments as well. A residence permit in Albania, for instance, may be obtained through the purchase of property there. In this case, the exact amount is not set — it is enough to buy an apartment or cottage at any cost. The main thing is to have enough living space to accommodate the people who will live there.

Another change concerns pensioners. Pensioners from other countries no longer have to buy real estate to live legally in Albania (as it was before). They will be able to get a special pension residence permit simply by renting a house in the country.