Real estate in Montenegro is very diverse: here the old stone houses harmoniously coexist with modern villas in minimalist style. And if the villas have become something commonplace for our eyes, the stone houses (moreover, with a history), cause a huge interest. We looked at the Realting catalog, and compiled a selection of traditional stone houses in Montenegro.

Foreigners can buy in Montenegro both apartments and houses, as well as land. And the gross rental income (ROI) in Montenegro is 5.37% in the center of cities, and 5.09% outside the center. We wrote about the ROI of rental housing in five popular countries here

The stone houses in Montenegro were built very simply: the builders used natural materials from the environment and adapted them to the terrain. Thus, in the harsh landscape of Central Montenegro all houses were built of local stone; the walls were made of roughly hewn stone of a total thickness of 50 to 80 cm. Such thick walls were a good protection against the heat — and air conditioning was completely unnecessary. 

Since then, a lot of time has passed, but the stone houses in Montenegro are still being built and foreigners are still interested in buying them. We, in turn, have made a selection of such houses in different regions of Montenegro, which we offer you to look at.

Large house with a view of the mountains

Черногория, Черногория
€ 850,000
466 m² Number of floors 3

This stone villa in national style was built in 2013. As stated in the description, it is located 2.5 km. from the town of Petrovac, in the quiet area of Kruševica. Around Petrovac, by the way, there are many olive groves and pine forests, so the air in its surroundings is always clean and fresh. The distance from the house to Budva is about 20 km. 

The total area of the villa is 466 square meters. The property also has a 517-square-foot lot, including a 5-car garage. That is to say, the property is pretty massive.

On the two floors of the villa there are: 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 4 terraces, a fitness room and a swimming pool (31 sqm). The focus on stone is not only on the outside of the house, but also inside: for example, the kitchen area is separated by stone, and most of the walls in the rooms are also made of this material. The stone masonry is done in the same style and looks quite stylish.

The appeal of this villa is undoubtedly the view: there are mountains on both sides of the house, which you can enjoy while sunbathing on the terraces. You can access the pool directly from the house through a special stone archway. 

The price is $882,850.

Townhouse of two houses in the Montenegrin village 


In the small Montenegrin village of Rezhevici, a stone townhouse is for sale. It, from the description, consists of two separate houses that can be used independently of each other. Both houses are made of natural stone. The sea is only 700 meters away.

The area of the first house is 100 sq.m. On the first floor there is the living room with access to the terrace and a bathroom, and on the 2nd floor there is the living room and a bathroom. This building has a high wooden ceiling, ceramic floors and two small balconies. 

The second house encompasses a bit more space, with 140 square feet. The first floor is the living room, bedroom, and bathroom; the floor here is ceramic. On the second floor, there is a bedroom with a bathroom; there are high ceilings and wooden floors. 

It should be noted that these houses need renovation — there is no furniture or appliances inside at the moment.

Каменный дом внутриОбстановка внутри каменного домалестница в каменном доме, ведущая на второй этаж

Both houses have independent entrances. What they have in common is a stone terrace, which can be accessed through separate exits from the living rooms of each house. The windows and terraces offer a wonderful panoramic view of the open sea and the Budva Riviera.

Geographically, Rezhevici is located between the two tourist centers of Montenegro: Sveti Stefan and Petrovac. From Budva, the village is separated by 15 km. This village is notable for the fact that there is no resort infrastructure as such, so it is often visited by couples and older people.

The price of the property is $351,747.

House on the peninsula overlooking the sea


The location of this stone house will definitely please the new owner, especially if he is tired of the bustle of the city — the house is located in a quiet bay on the peninsula Luštica. It is only 90 meters to the nearest beach and the sea.

Presented house consists of two floors, its total area is 228 sq.m. The first floor has a living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, as well as a still unfinished room with a terrace. On the second floor there are 2 bedrooms and a terrace with beautiful sea view. In front of the house there is parking. 

каменный дом, окруженый зеленьюфасадная часть каменного доматерритория вокруг каменного дома в Черногории

It is hard to say what the house looks like from the inside, as there are not many pictures of the interior. From them, we can only assume that the minimum repairs and a set of furniture are present here.

Peninsula Luštica is located in the far south-west of Montenegro, at the junction of the Bay of Kotor and the Adriatic Sea. Herceg Novi airport, Kotor and Tivat are nearby. On the peninsula you will enjoy untouched nature, olive groves, ancient forts, temples, and beaches. The disadvantages are the lack of infrastructure, entertainment and other amenities.

скромный ремонт в доме с базовой мебельюспальня в старом каменном домеспальня в доме с открытым балконом

The cost of the facility — $461,412.

A small old house near the observation deck 

This time, in front of us a small stone house (56 sq.m.), which sells for almost $130 thousand. It is located in the Montenegrin village of Podličak, near the town of Budva. There is a panoramic viewpoint at Pržno Bay near the house. 

The house itself is quite old, but has been remodeled. The house has 2 bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. Each room has electric underfloor heating, and the living room has a cozy fireplace. 

As you leave the house, you immediately find yourself in the yard, which is paved with stone and surrounded by a stone wall. The yard has a special shower, a hammock, and a place for barbecue. Also, the whole yard is covered with vines.