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Dénia: A popular resort with affordable real estate

Dénia is not only a major port on the Mediterranean Sea, but also a popular resort. Both Spanish residents and foreigners are trying to buy real estate in Dénia for living and rental purposes.

About the resort

Surrounded by mountains, Dénia is popular for its wonderful climate (in January the air temperature does not go below + 13 C) and excellent beaches with a total length of about 20 km. Although the resort is quite small (42 thousand inhabitants), in terms of infrastructure development it is equal to the neighbouring large cities, such as Alicante and Valencia. There are many hotels, restaurants, spa centers, shops, and a daily port ferry to the Balearic Islands. The list of notable attractions includes: 

  • The 11th century Castle; 
  • The fishermen’s quarter;
  • The Baroque-style Cathedral; 
  • The harbour; 
  • Marqués de Campo street. 

The cost of real estate in Dénia

Property price in Dénia is affected by not only square footage, but also by location. The closer housing is to the beach, the more expensive it is. At the same time, estate prices here are still lower than in other Spanish resorts of this level. If a small villa with an area of 105-110 square metres in Dénia can be bought for €140-250 thousand, then in Alicante it costs 30-35% more. On average, a villa in Dénia costs €300-700 thousand, and a 3-room chalet or a 100-130 square meter townhouse will be at €250 thousand. 

The cheapest option for real estate in Dénia is a studio apartment with an area of 47-55 square meters. It can be purchased for €80-100 thousand. The cost of 2-room apartments starts from €116 thousand, 3-room apartments — from €175-180 thousand. A large house with an area of 500-900 square meters is about €1.3-3 million.

The advantages

The advantages of real estate in Dénia are both common to all Spanish resorts and unique to this city. Among the first are high liquidity and constant demand for housing, among the second are the specifics and quality of development. Almost all the buildings here are low-rise (five floors maximum) and new, constructed of high-quality modern materials since Dénia as a resort began to develop only 20 years ago.