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About Cambodia

A Southeast Asian country which is also known as the Kingdom of Cambodia. The country is known for its role in spreading first Hinduism and Buddhism as a religion throughout Asia. This has resulted in numerous temples and shrines being constructed throughout the country. Some of the most famous attractions are located in Angkor which is even designated as a World Heritage Site. Though it has a low per capita income it is still recognized as one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia with the main contributing sectors being agriculture, tourism, transport, and textiles.

Tourism in Cambodia

The Country is turning out to be an increasingly popular destination among tourists in Asia. It attracts a large number of visitors to its historical monuments, temples, and shrines. Cambodia also has many waterfalls, national parks, cities, and lakes contributing to diverse topographical features and attractions. It is a preferred destination due to the low cost of living and its rich cultural and historical background.

Getting the best property deals

Is Cambodia a good place to buy property? Yes, as it is still a developing economy, you can get relatively cheaper deals when you are buying property. Additionally, there is a very low cost of living which makes it an ideal place to retire and settle down. However, there are a few restrictions for foreigners that you need to be aware of before buying property. By choosing the right real estate agent, you can get access to hundreds of property deals ranging from affordable houses to luxury beach-side options. Your real estate investment is likely to thrive due to the constantly growing economy and demand for tourism within the country. As property deals are relatively cost-effective and cheap, Cambodia is a prime choice when it comes to real estate investment.