The Florida’s real estate. From low-rise buildings to skyscrapers. Photoreport 2020

The Florida’s real estate. From low-rise buildings to skyscrapers. Photoreport

05.03.2020 10:00
Author: Oleg Razdelovskiy

Panorama of Miami — Florida’s largest and most popular city

Miami Skyscrapers and Miami Beach Coastline Hotels

A typical one-story house in Florida, one can walk on the lawns, and there is no fence from the side of the street, as it is customary for the Americans

Many houses are located on water channels, what allows you to conveniently park the boat almost at the porch and go on a world trip right from the door of your home

One-story buildings around form a fashionable mall — a beautiful and cozy retail space

Unexpected building. This is the official Masonic lodge in central Florida. You won’t surprise anyone here

The vertical assembly building for spaceships at Cape Canaveral, which the correspondent of our real estate portal has visited

Rainbow over the canal, beyond which additional buildings in the form of a wireframe and grid iron are visible. These are separate and fairly large rooms, protected from mosquitoes

Beach house with a parking meter and shower for the comfort of vacationers in Bonita Beach

On beaches near water, you can often find houses on high stilts for protection against the floods that often accompany hurricanes in Florida

Picturesque channel and shopping mall

Houses in a similar style can have impressive dimensions

...and have their own marina

Generally, each house is equipped with a garage with automatic gates. The garage is usually without air conditioning, and there is real heat in sunny weather

Downtown in Jacksonville, Florida, with offices of banks and corporations. Commonly, no one lives there, and similar business centers («downtowns») are used exclusively for work

Hotels are built along the coastline. Access to the beach is free for everyone, directly the strip by the sea does not belong to the owners of the hotels

But such houses in Florida are named of the proud word «cottage», which emphasizes the ease of construction and the difference from more fundamental buildings

Special correspondent of portal in Florida
Oleg Razdelovskiy

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