Inexpensive and promising. A selection of apartments in Montenegro starting at €42,000 2022
Inexpensive and promising. A selection of apartments in Montenegro starting at €42,000 2022

Inexpensive and promising. A selection of apartments in Montenegro starting at €42,000

Real estate in Montenegro has been very popular among investors for several years. However, not only big players have entered the market lately. Millions or fabulous sums are no longer needed to buy an apartment in Budva or Bar and come to the Adriatic coast at any time of the year. To make it even easier to choose a property, see our selection of inexpensive but interesting apartments in Montenegro.

About the situation on the real estate market in Montenegro

Real estate prices in Montenegro vary greatly depending on the region. Despite the small area of this sunny country, the price per square meter varies from €1200 to €2100. The seaside region is quite predictably more expensive, and real estate in cities within the country is in demand most often among the local population. At the same time, starting from 2017, the situation in the real estate market of Montenegro has stabilized and since then there has been an increasing trend in the cost of a square meter. This was facilitated by a number of factors, including internal and external reforms carried out by the state. Since that time, investors from all over the world have begun to actively consider Montenegro as a country where they want to buy real estate.

A stable tourist flow has singled out several locations where the cost of a square meter began to rise sharply. For example, in one of the most popular regions — the Budva Riviera — apartments cost an average of €2,000 — €2,500 per square meter now. At the same time, in Bar (a city on the coast, which is also considered a center of business activity), the average cost of real estate varies from €1300 to €1750 per square meter. There is also a segment of luxury real estate. In a small area of the famous resort of St. Stephen, villas and mansions are sold at prices that start at €3,500 per square meter.

Examples of inexpensive apartments in Montenegro

Apartment in a new building in Dobra Voda for €40,950

Dobra Voda is a small resort village between Bar and Ulzen. This area is famous for its secluded cozy beaches, good services, and inexpensive real estate. These territories are not so popular among tourists, so the cost of a square meter here starts at €1,000.

An apartment in a new building with an area of 39 square meters is for sale at €40,950. This is a clubhouse located just 800 meters from the sea from the windows of which there is an excellent view of the mountains. In total, there are 17 apartments in the house, and at the moment, in addition to this apartment, several more apartments are for sale here.

The apartment has been refurbished. If the future owner is satisfied with the white color of the walls, then they will only have to arrange the furniture to put it in place, and the housing is ready to move in.

New apartment in Utjeha for €42,000

In the southern part of the Bar Riviera, just 14 kilometers from Bar, there is a small village called Utekha. This is not a very popular place among tourists, so the cost of real estate here is not as high as in more advertised places. And this is exactly the case when it is precisely this «uncertainty» that becomes an advantage over other resort towns. The Mediterranean climate in this area provides good weather almost all year round, while its small flow of tourists ensures a well-developed infrastructure and well-groomed beaches, and the forest at the foot of the mountains gifts visitors stunning views from almost anywhere in the village.

A newly built property with a total area of 40 sq.m. just 150 meters away from the sea is for sale at €42,000. The studio apartment was improved with a solution for organizing space — a partition that separates the dining and living areas. The highlight of this particular offer is its large sun terrace overlooking the Adriatic. Here you can equip a lounge area and enjoy beautiful views every day. According to the realtor, this property is perfect for both personal use and investment if you want to rent it out.

Ready-to-move apartment in Bar for €43,000

As mentioned above, in the business center of Montenegro, the city of Bar, the cost of a square meter is higher than in small villages. Despite the fact that the Bar is located only 14 kilometers from Utjeha, the cost of a square meter there starts at €1,300. And so a fully ready-to-live-in studio apartment with an area of 23 sq.m. sells for €43,000. For this money, the seller offers furnished housing with one room and an incorporated bathroom. The main advantage of this option is its proximity to the sea and the developed infrastructure in the city.

According to the realtor, this studio is suitable for both a single person and a young family. The building is located on a flat area near a park. It is within walking distance of a school, cafes, supermarkets, pharmacies. The apartment is equipped with all necessary household appliances and furniture. The studio has a small outdoor terrace.

New build in Bar for €44,950

If housing on the secondary market does not suit you for any reason, you can consider buying a new building. In Bar, one- and two-room apartments are offered for sale in a new building at the final stage of construction.

For €44,950, the buyer is offered a studio apartment with a total area of 29 sq.m. The layout of the apartment includes a corridor with a niche for a closet, a living room combined with a kitchen, a bathroom, and a terrace. The studio will get finishing, so the future owner will only have to bring in furniture. The building is located in close proximity to the city center, all the necessary infrastructure can be found within walking distance. Literally 100 meters from the entrance begins the famous walking street of the city of Bar. The commissioning of the house is planned for February 2022.

New apartment in Budva for €45,000

Of course, we could not ignore the capital of Montenegro — Budva. The cost of housing in the city center starts from €2,000 per square meter, so we will consider the option of real estate located at some distance from all party places.

One kilometer from the sea, on the third floor of a four-storey building, a studio apartment with a total area of 30 sq.m. is up for sale. This ready-to-move-in home sells for €45,000. The apartment has all the necessary furniture and appliances, it has been modernly renovated in neutral beige colors. The bathroom has a shower. The windows offer excellent views of the sea and mountains, and there is also a private glazed terrace. According to the realtor, this is a new building located 200 meters from all infrastructure.


The database currently contains 14,000 properties in Montenegro in various price segments. Come in and choose the one you need.

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