Every foreign worker gets a national visa from the government of Finland 2021

Every foreign worker gets a national visa from the government of Finland

24.05.2021 18:00
Author: Anastasia Mayevskaya

Labor migration is one of the most discussed issues in the Finnish labor market. This is why the independent think tank Libera has proposed several ways to make it gradually easier for foreign workers to relocate to the country.

Their main proposals are:

  • the introduction of a point-based immigration system;
  • fixing the number of arrivals at the political level;
  • issuing national visas to all labor migrants.

5 ways to solve the migration issue for workers

Employees of the Libera Center presented the report «Welcome to Finland... and to work» to the whole world. With it, they hope to draw the attention of government officials towards solving the problems of labor migration. What are they proposing?

1. Introducing a point-based migration system

The bottom line: to allow foreign labor migrants to enter, not on the basis of a work invitation from Finnish enterprises, but on the basis of their experience, skills and profitability as a potential employee. This point system, according to Libera, will help balance supply and demand in the Finnish labor market.

2. Issuing national visas to labor migrants

The Finnish government are already discussing the possibility of issuing annual entry permits for start-up entrepreneurs and narrow specialists. The Libera Center believe that, by including every candidate who wishes to relocate to Finland for work in this list, not only will it be possible to ensure an influx of labor from abroad, but also, if necessary, to simplify deportation.

3. Improving the activity of the Migration Service

Libera proposes to unite all issues related to migration under the supervision of the Migration Service. This will simplify and systematize the process of labor migration. As of now, these issues do not only depend on said Service, but are also the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the employment office and the police, and such a division does not benefit either side. The think tank also proposes to shift the focus from limiting migration to stimulating and simplifying it.

4. Updating the law on foreigners

Center representatives consider it necessary to:

  • fix concrete goals for the volume of labor migrants arriving in the country at the legislative level and increase these figures over time;
  • revise the wording of the law on foreigners, making it clearer and more understandable to ordinary citizens, as well as other legislative documents related to labor migration.

5. Reviewing the framework of migration and financial aid

There is a proposal to make the Finnish labor market more attractive for foreign specialists, as well as to improve the system of assistance and benefits for refugees. For example, Libera offers to help migrants not only with employment, but also with language-learning and assimilation. The center sees the solution to these issues in the reorientation of the integration model towards employment issues.

Thus, in the implementation of these 5 stages, valuable specialists who are citizens of other states will be able to come to Finland, even without having a work invitation in their hands.

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