Moving to Poland on political grounds for citizens of Belarus. How much will the accommodation cost there? 2020

Moving to Poland on political grounds for citizens of Belarus. How much will the accommodation cost there?

Poland has announced it is ready to help Belarusians who were subjected to violence and pressure on political grounds. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Marcin Przydacz told in the Polish radio about the intention to support the country’s Eastern neighbors. Refugees from Belarus are promised financial support, free language courses, and retraining. decided to check the cost of apartments in Poland. What kind of housing can one get if they sell a flat in Minsk and decide to move to Poland?

To lay low in Łódź

I searched for a Polish apartment on the international real estate platform To begin with, I want to see the prices and understand what one can expect when selling a one-room apartment in one of the capital districts. I select the «price up» order in the search and I get more than a thousand different options.

I click on the first ad and get an offer to buy a tiny studio apartment for $25,000. The disadvantage of this option is its area: only 11 sq. m. The advantage is its location: the flat is situated in an antique building in the heart of Łódź, the third-largest city in Poland.

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The ad states that «a tiny apartment is ideal for AIRBNB or long-term rentals. It is located on the main street of the city, close to the railway station, universities, as well as famous international companies’ offices such as KPMP, Fujitsu, etc.».

According to the photo, the apartment still needs renovation and furniture. I estimate that if I manage to sell my one-room flat for $45,000, then there will be $20,000 left for relocation and repair works. After that, I could rent the apartment, and look for something more spacious.

For example, an apartment at the price of $55,000 in Łódź at Marynarska 44a. The area of this flat is 41 sq. m. It has a proper bedroom, as well as a living room combined with a kitchen.

According to the author of the ad, «this is an absolutely new project. Completely renovated with all new installations and huge interior changes. This apartment is located near the Academy of Fine Arts and the Pankiewicza St. Hospital».

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How about moving to the sea?

Then I see offers to move to Gdańsk. To tell you the truth, I love the Baltic Sea. Endless dunes, tireless wind, majestic pines, and raging waves combine a perfect scene for me.

However, it turns out that it is quite difficult to become a resident of the city of courageous shipbuilders: it was in Gdansk that a famous Solidarity trade union was founded in the ’80s. There is almost no cheap housing here, and all the attractive properties exceed the cost of $100,000.

For example, this 53-sq. m apartment costs $117,000.

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In the ad, the agent marks the strengths of the object: «A sunny apartment, in a very good location, in the Siedlce district. The property is located on the third floor and has an area of 52,66 sq.m. There are a living room with a kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and an entryway in the apartment. The flat is renovated, has new electrical systems, water and sanitary piping, floor panels and tiles. The property has a basement. A new owner will also get a high-quality built-in kitchen with all the appliances and a washing machine».

The apartment is located on the third floor of a four-story building. The photo shows quite good home improvements.

Better to go to Warsaw!

After considering the Polish resort cities, I decided to have a look at the capital. No doubts, Warsaw has the greatest opportunities for education and employment.

The most inexpensive apartments in the Polish capital cost about $80,000. For example, this studio with an area of 28 sq. m has a price of $81,000.

Купить квартиру в Варшаве

The author of the ad specifies that «the one-bedroom apartment is located on the third floor of a quiet neighborhood, at Anielewicza street, 47A. Walking through the courtyard, it feels like you are in a park, although the flat is next to the center. There are an entryway, a bathroom, a living room, and a separate kitchen in the property. In the surrounding area, there are 24/7 convenience stores, shopping malls, a swimming pool, a church, schools, and restaurants».

A slightly larger option, an apartment of 38 sq. m is worth $94,000.

This accommodation is also situated in Warsaw, in a green area near the Szczęśliwicki Park. The apartment is located on the first floor of a building constructed in 2002.

The author of the ad says that «the building has an elevator and space in the underground garage. At the exit of the neighborhood, there is a park with many entertainment facilities. There are many shops, restaurants, and educational institutions nearby».

Цены на квартиры в Варшаве

For those who love mountains

At the end of my Polish journey, I decided to look at Zakopane, another beautiful resort city, well known to all ski holiday lovers from Belarus. Between Kraków (55 km) and Zakopane (45 km), the Rabka-Zdrój town is situated, where a two-bedroom apartment is for sale at $97,000.

The property is located in a new neighborhood, built up mainly with terraced houses. In one of them, the new two-bedroom apartment with an area of 73 sq. m is being sold.

According to the agent, «nearby, there are a kindergarten, a school, a church, shops, banks, and a bus stop. The room has been fine-finish renovated. 2 kilometers away ski trails, the Rabkoland Amusement Park, a skating rink, a cinema, hiking and cycling paths can be found».

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