Hungary is a country, geographically located in the heart of Europe. Even though there is no access to the sea, it can boast of its cleanest lakes and many mineral and hot springs. Every year, not only tourists but also people who want to get a residence in this country come here.

The REALTING Company spoked with Ilona Chic, a representative of the Duna House, the largest European Real Estate Agency, and found out all the details of getting the residence permit in Hungary.

Grounds and conditions for obtaining the Hungarian residence permit

There are several grounds for getting the residence permit in Hungary:

  • Study. For this, it is not necessary to be a student at a Hungarian university. It is enough just to take any course.
  • Medical treatment. One can only obtain such residence permit based on documents issued by Hungarian doctors that confirm that an applicant needs medical treatment in the country.
  • Conduct of business. This option is a bit more difficult than the others. To get a working residence permit, an applicant must prove that they have their business for more than three years and that all this time they were paying taxes regularly. Besides, the company must provide a certain number of jobs.
  • Other (for example, a residence permit for investment).

Residence permit in Hungary

To obtain the Hungarian residence permit, an applicant will need to meet certain conditions:

  • Provide documents that confirm having housing in Hungary (with the area of at least 18 square meters for each family member).
  • Get a bank account statement. An applicant must have €10,000 per year per person. Finances can be used immediately after receiving the statement.
  • Get health insurance.

Process of submitting the documents for the residence permit

If all the conditions are met, an applicant must submit the documents to an immigration office. Authorities will approve or decline an application within 45 days.

In general, most applicants request a two-year residence. However, an immigration office may issue the document for a shorter period.

After the expiration date, the residence permit can be extended for a year. After three years, its holder can apply for permanent residence, if they have lived in the European Union for 270 days a year.

Residence permit in Hungary

A Limited Program for obtaining the residence permit for investments

There is another way to get the residence permit in Hungary. However, not everyone can avail of it. Several companies in the country have a license to conduct a program for obtaining residence through investment. To do this, a depositor must sign a contract with an agency that provides services for the residence permit registration. The main condition is that within a year, an applicant undertakes to buy real estate in the country for at least €205,000. They will also need to transfer €60,000 to the company’s account. These facilities will be considered an investment in the development of the country’s economy.

Reasons to get a refusal to obtain the residence permit

In Hungary, as in any other country, certain rules will conclude in refusal to get the residence permit if violated. There are a few reasons to get refusal in obtaining the document:

  • an applicant has debts in European Union banks;
  • when submitting documents, personal data was hidden or specified incorrectly;
  • a person submitting the residence permit request has a criminal record or is on the international wanted list of the International Police.

If an application is still refused, the applicant will be refunded a sum of 50,000 euros.

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