Agency ERA-Real Estate Plus is operating normally during the COVID-19 pandemic

Agency ERA-Real Estate Plus is operating normally during the COVID-19 pandemic

14.07.2020 18:00

ERA-Real Estate Plus LLC provides all types of services regarding the purchase and sale of both residential and commercial properties. The agency sets up only exclusive contract agreements with all its customers, which helps to reinforce the professionalism and qualifications of the company’s employees.

The company’s office is located at the center of the capital of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk) and has 30 employees. The agency is very proud of its employees as they have demonstrated flexibility by easily accepting changes and quickly adapting to new market conditions.

On the agency’s website you can find many different types of properties: rooms, apartments, cottages, land plots, commercial properties, etc. The price range of these properties fluctuates between 40,000 to 150,000 US dollars.

It is worth nothing that the payment for real estate agent services is usually made by customers only after the transaction is completed.

The company itself was only recently founded, but the head of the agency, Shpakov Alexey, has been working in the real estate sector for more than twelve years and knows this market very well. It took several years for ERA-Real Estate Plus LLC professionals to establish close partnerships with banks. Additionally, one of the company’s employees works in the north of Cyprus and is highly successful in closing transactions with customers.

ERA-Real Estate Plus employees prefer outdoor activities. They regularly participate in sports competitions, and occasionally spend time together in the countryside near the city. The working relationship between employees is so close that even during the coronavirus pandemic, none of the teams has switched to working remotely. The Agency has continued to work as before however they cannot predict when the real estate market will return to pre-pandemic levels of activity.

Properties count: 343
Number of publications: 5
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