Citizens of Belarus who are subject to repressions are welcomed in Lithuania, Poland, and Latvia 2020

Citizens of Belarus who are subject to repressions are welcomed in Lithuania, Poland, and Latvia

03.09.2020 16:30

Despite caused by the quarantine restrictions, at least three countries are ready to welcome Belarusians very soon. This involves not only the facilitated entry regime but also the regularization of stay in the country.

Lithuania removes restrictions

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Lithuania Rita Tamašunienė, Belarusian citizens are no longer subject to restrictions caused by COVID-19. Unlike citizens of many other countries, Belarusians will be able to enter the country for special humanitarian political purposes (a detailed definition of this term has not been provided yet). The decision of the government of Lithuania is caused by the political situation in Belarus of the past month.

The Prime Minister of Poland stands for facilitated entry

In his speech on Polish radio, the Chairman of Council of Ministers of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki stated with confidence that facilitated entry for Belarusians serves the economic interests of Poland. In the words of the Prime Minister, regardless of whether a citizen of Belarus arrived to work or study, they make a significant contribution to the Polish economy. Therefore, it is necessary to meet them halfway by simplifying the relocation as much as possible continuing the current visa policy. Mr. Morawiecki made a special note that Poland is expecting potential university students. Classes in Poland will begin only on October 1, and applicants still have enough time.

The initiative of Latvia

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Latvia Sandis Ģirģens has condemned the recent events in the neighboring country and said that affected by the actions of the Belorussian government companies will be able to move to Latvia. Mr. Ģirģens expressed particular interest in the relocation of IT companies.

The new initiative of Latvian officials is based on amendments to the immigration law approved in July last year. According to them, members of the board of start-up companies that create innovative products can be granted a residence permit immediately, i.e. before the company itself is created. Besides, those who make investments of at least €50,000 in the charter capital of a company are likely to obtain a residence permit. As for the work visa, it is issued for one year. However, if a foreign professional decides to stay in Latvia, during this year, they can apply for a temporary residence permit without leaving the country.

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