If Carlson had the money for it, he would live in this apartment. A beautiful penthouse for sale in Germany 2021

If Carlson had the money for it, he would live in this apartment. A beautiful penthouse for sale in Germany

22.12.2021 10:00
Author: Marina Kremer

When you see this beautiful penthouse with its own exit to the roof, you immediately remember the tale of Carlson — «a man in his prime who lived on the roof.» There is an apartment for sale in Germany that could very become this fairytale character’s dream. Or his reality, if he was very rich: such an apartment costs € 3,680,000.

An incredibly stylish penthouse is for sale in the capital of Germany. Taking into account that the average cost of a square meter in this country has been steadily growing recently and it reached its historical maximum (since 1970) in the summer of 2021, a price of € 3.6 million for a penthouse with its own rooftop terrace no longer seems that crazy. 

So, for this money, the seller offers modern apartments with a total area of ​320 sq.m. This includes four bedrooms (one of which has its own access to the terrace), a spacious living room, a kitchen, a dressing room, and several bathrooms. The realtor emphasizes the property’s distinctive features as follows: «three bedrooms (the master bedroom includes a dressing room), a bathroom with a free-standing bathtub, a shower, and a sauna, Miele kitchen appliances, oak floors, 5-meter-high ceilings, a fireplace, heated floors in the bathrooms, 2 terraces, a roof terrace, 2 entrances, an elevator that goes up directly to the penthouse, and a basement.» However, this laconic bullet-point list cannot convey the atmosphere of this apartment. Even just from the photographs, you can see that this is a stylish home with a minimalist and modern design that offers everything you need and nothing superfluous.

The space itself, with white beams and stone walls, already sets you up for something stylish and out of the standard. The apartment uses a lot of wood, stone, and air. Apparently, the brick on the walls has been preserved from the original masonry of the 19th century (the building dates back to this period).

The private terrace overlooking the low-rise part of the city is just a different level of pleasure. It is easy to imagine how great it would be to sit on such a terrace in the evenings and watch the lights of the sleeping capital. You don’t have to be Carlson in order to truly love life on the roof and enjoy every evening after you return home (albeit not with the help of a motor that runs on jam, but just an elevator, which will lead you straight to the front door).

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