60 thousand abandoned houses in Finland can be bought for a song 2021

60 thousand abandoned houses in Finland can be bought for a song

21.04.2021 10:00

According to the Official Statistics of Finland (OSF), there are about 66,000 abandoned private houses and cottages in Finland in 2021. Some of the buildings are used as summer houses (residents come there rarely and unsystematically) and some of them were abandoned several years ago.

More than half of these semi-abandoned homes are located in South Savo. The majority of those empty houses are farm buildings in rural areas and regions with low population density.

Not all of these houses are abandoned and most of the sellers are ready to sell them for small change. That said, such a purchase can hardly be profitable:

  • as a rule, such buildings are located in an uninhabited or poorly inhabited area;
  • not all houses have utilities’ connections;
  • it’s cheaper to demolish some of the buildings and erect new ones (however, it may be more expensive than building a house on a land plot from scratch).

Tip: Before making a decision about a purchase, you need to sit down and count the estimate price for each building — the initial cost may become several times higher because of additional expenses.


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