Commercial 1 000 m² in Greece, Greece

Archive cost € 2,500,000
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Updated at: 05.03.2023


Country: Greece

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Total area: 1 000 m²
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A complex, a celebration club for sale in a historic location on the Peloponnese peninsula, Archea Olympia ( Ancient Olympia ). The complex consists of three closed spaces, a large terrace and a large area with a garden, swimming pool and three open terraces. There is also a museum with a complex with immoral excavations. The parking lot is designed for 100 cars and around 20 minibuses. The complex has a pleasant stay and carefree fun. Everyone here can celebrate family vacations: weddings, birthdays, anniversary, as well as corporate events: a noisy New Year's vacation or a friendly corporate party. The complex is 200 meters from a large shopping center and a famous local hotel.