Unique residential complex Old City Panorama in the historical city center of Tbilisi 2021

Unique residential complex Old City Panorama in the historical city center of Tbilisi

31.05.2021 17:00

Apart Development has started selling residential and commercial properties in the Old City Panorama residential complex in Old Tbilisi. The project is unique and has a very special architectural design.

In Tbilisi, new projects are being built exclusively in accordance with modern trends in urban development. Their design directly depends on the landscape and the scale of the adjacent buildings. Such projects, in most cases, require a special approach.

Terraces are especially popular in the capital of Georgia. They fit perfectly into the general landscape of the city and thus create a special atmosphere. In recent years, terraces have been actively included in projects of not only residential but also commercial buildings.

The Old City Panorama project creates a new look for the old city. The abandonment of massive concrete buildings makes this area unique and unrepeatable. Hanging gardens with an automatic irrigation system contribute to the development of the landscape and are aesthetically well combined with the appearance of the building.

The main part of the residential complex consists of 4 floors, which together create a large terrace. The rest of the building is higher, creating an additional 4 floors on the slope.

The building has both residential and commercial areas.

Its residential area includes apartments and townhouses located on the slope at the lowest level. Each townhouse has its own individual courtyard overlooking the city. Above them, there is a parking lot, the facade of which will be completely covered with a decorative garden and an automatic irrigation system.

If you are interested in this residential complex, you can leave a request on this platform in the personal account of Apart Development.

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