The skyscraper of the future to be built in Dubai 2021

The skyscraper of the future to be built in Dubai

27.01.2021 10:00

Italian architect Luca Curci has proposed an effective means of combatting the overpopulation of megacities — the construction of the vertical city The Link. The project will be implemented in Dubai.

What is a vertical city?

The Link is not just another high-rise, but a huge 300-storey building. The project includes green areas in addition to residential and commercial premises. 
The Link will be connected to other buildings by means of the bridges. 

The vertical city project was presented back in 2019, but it’s only now when the UAE authorities have decided to implement it. 

Features and strengths of The Link in Dubai

Key features of the vertical city which is planned to be built in Dubai: 

  • The Link consists of four buildings — one large, designed for 100 thousand people, and three smaller buildings, accommodating the same number. 
  • The first five floors are designed for offices, medical and educational centres, shopping centres, fitness centres, SPA centres, etc. 
  • The building provides for the installation of an artificial intelligence system that allows you to adjust the air temperature, the level of carbon dioxide and humidity. 

The UAE authorities intend to spend billions of dollars on the construction of the skyscraper. This project is not a pioneering one. The vertical city Bosco Verticale, consisting of two buildings with a height of 111 and 78 meters respectively, was built in Milan in 2014.

The Link will be significantly superior to its predecessor in both size and design.

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