Results of the REALTING international affiliate sales system development

Results of the REALTING international affiliate sales system development 2019

In 2019, real estate agencies and agents joined the platform and the total value of the objects placed on the platform increased up to $57.6 billion, while the total commission value that partners are willing to share was $219.2 million. 

REALTING is an international real estate platform that connects agencies, sellers and customers from different countries in a convenient and safe way. From January 2019 to January 2020, the search traffic of visitors and the platform popularity increased 15 times. Today, the platform’s monthly traffic reaches 40 thousand unique users from all over the world.

«Considering the fact that now the emphasis is put on international sales, it is a good result», — says Alexandr Martynenko, the project CEO.


The REALTING project CEO Alexandr Martynenko at the Sochi Housing Congress 

As at January 2020, the number of connected to the REALTING platform companies’ objects for 2019 summed to about 70 thousand. All the properties are provided by the platform’s partners, estate agencies and development companies from various countries. Real estate and development companies guarantee commission payment to partners for each object. Only professional partners of the REALTING platform that have a password can see the commission amount for the properties. The objects’ descriptions are translated into 4 languages (Russian, English, German, and Spanish) by a special trained translation technology.

Moreover, REALTING is also 740 pages of real estate agents and agencies with provided information about their services, experience, and objects for a more convenient search and better communication with potential clients.

REALTING is a system that seamlessly integrates 3 series on its platform: 

  1. International affiliate sales system;
  2. International MLS system;
  3. International base of verified real estate.

Alena Martynenko, REALTING Development Director at the International EMERGE Conference

The REALTING database includes only safe real estate from various countries of only verified agencies and brokers that signed a contract with REALTING. Reliable partnerships, overcoming language barrier between customers and estate sellers all over the world is just a tiny part of how created in Belarus High Technologies Park REALTING platform serves its clients.


The REALTING project CEO Alexandr Martynenko and Client Relations Manager Anton Fursevich. The work at the REALTING stand in Moscow at the International MIPIF Conference

A few facts about the REALTING team we want you to know:

  • More than 20 years of the project founders’ real estate experience.
  • Our employees are creative young professionals from different speciality fields, of various nationalities and races.
  • During slightly more than a year of having a project, we presented REALTING at many international conferences. 
  • REALTING signed a few memoranda of cooperation with the Association of Real Estate Professionals (Realtors) of Ukraine (URA), and the Association of Realtors of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region (ARSP), became a member of the latter and world’s largest association of realtors in the world NAR.

The REALTING project CEO Alexandr Martynenko and the President of the ARSP Andrey Groskiy at a signing of the memorandum on the REALTING joining the ARSP


REALTING Co-founder and Technical Director Dmitry Martynenko and the President of the URA Yuriy Pita at a signing of the cooperation memorandum

As global real estate market members predict, the number of brand-new technologies used in real estate transactions will increase in 2020. The process of property buying inside the countries as well as internationally, are becoming faster due to new technologies, and CRM- and MLS-systems implementation.


REALTING Development Director Alena Martynenko, NAR Head of Central and Eastern Europe Zola Szerencses, and NAR International Realtor of the year Dan A. Negulescu at the International NAR Conference and Expo in San Francisco

Only by actively cooperating with the partners and using modern IT-technologies it is possible to achieve a better quality of services on a global real estate market and increase the speed and property sales volume", — informs Development Director Alena Martynenko.

Alena Martynenko, REALTING Development Director, represented Belarus in Sand Francisco at the 2019 Realtors Conference and Expo as part of the NAR Global Alliances flagship ceremony among the estate associations representatives and market professionals from 80 countries

The REALTING project keeps pace with the times and develops and implements new market technologies, creates a trusting and reliable relationship between partners inside the system promotes new technologies worldwide and provides opportunities for real estate agencies and realtors from all the parts of the world to access the international market.

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