Latvia invites Belarusian businessmen and highly qualified professionals 2020

Latvia invites Belarusian businessmen and highly qualified professionals

07.09.2020 18:00

Latvian authorities have recently made an attractive offer to highly qualified professionals and businesspeople from Belarus, the head of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) Kaspars Rozkalns has informed the BNS Agency. Expressing his concern about political events in Belarus, he said his country intends to invite Belarusian companies, and his agency is ready to provide them with all possible support.

Who Latvia is waiting for

According to Kaspar Rozhkalns, the ongoing political instability combined with coronavirus consequences will inevitably lead to economical decrease in Belarus. The negative forecasts are based on research conducted by the World Bank analysts. By their account, an economic recession is not only inevitable but will take place for a few years. To facilitate the situation of entrepreneurs from the neighboring country, Latvia will provide them with an opportunity to move their businesses there. The Latvian authorities are particularly interested in companies engaged in:

  • information and communications technology;
  • bioscience economic development;
  • biomedicine;
  • various smart technology.

Of course, this is an approximate list, and companies from other fields are welcome in Latvia as well.

What Belarusian businesspersons are offered

The invitation of Belarusian companies to Latvia is not only a memorandum of intent but also quite a particular act. A team of LIAA employees and Office of Citizenship Affairs representatives has already been formed. It is engaged in receiving and promptly processing applications from citizens of Belarus. They are offered several options for a legal stay on the territory of Latvia, including a start-up visa, and the so-called EU Blue Card, a temporary residence permit for professionals and their family members.

In addition to simplified legal procedures and opening a green channel for businesspeople, Latvia has several other advantages that can attract Belarusian entrepreneurs. These include integration into various international organizations, an opportunity to start a company in just one day, the geographical proximity of the major cities to Minsk, education in different languages, etc. Besides, Kaspars Rozkalns mentioned that today, the country is considered the safest of all EU member states coronavirus-wise.

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