How to move to Georgia right now and what you can do there 2022
How to move to Georgia right now and what you can do there 2022

How to move to Georgia right now and what you can do there

Georgia is very popular among foreign tourists and investors. It attracts foreigners with its beautiful weather, its unique attractions, and a large selection of comfortable accommodations for every taste.

To move to Georgia, you do not need to submit a visa request in advance — an arrival stamp is placed on passports upon arrival. The presence of this stamp allows citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and a number of other countries to legally stay in the country for a year. A PCR test or vaccination certificate (Sputnik V is officially recognized) is also required at entry, as covid restrictions still persist in the territory of this Caucasus Republic.

How to get to Georgia

Direct flights between Russia and Georgia were cancelled in 2019, so at present flights go mainly through Azerbaijan, Armenia or Turkey. The anxiety that has risen in recent days has led to a sharp increase in ticket prices. So, a two-day flight from Moscow on March 10 will cost Russians 44 thousand rubles, and within one day — from 68 thousand rubles.

In any case, you will not be able to reach Georgia by land. There is a coronavirus restriction in place for citizens leaving the Russian Federation. Entry through Abkhazia is also currently excluded.

Get an education

There are dozens of universities in Georgia, most of which are located in Tbilisi. Foreigners are admitted mainly on a paid basis. The cost of training varies from 2.5 to 10 thousand dollars per year. Foreigners applying for a fee are exempted from taking the corresponding examinations. It is sufficient for them to present a certificate or diploma of education obtained in their country. National examinations are required to study free of charge (in part or in full).

Admission to a local school or university that is authorized by the Georgian Ministry of Education entitles foreigners to a residence permit. This document may be issued to students and their parents. In order to receive a residence permit, it is necessary to prepare a certificate of enrollment from an educational institution, as well as to confirm that, for each family member, there is at least there is at least $1260 per year in the family budget (this amount determines the sufficiency of funds for living in Georgia).

How to move to Georgia

Find a job

After finding employment in a local company, foreigners receive a residence permit. However, for this purpose it is necessary to observe 3 conditions:

  1. Official employment.
  2. The turnover of the organization for each foreign employee should be at least $15750. A lower limit (11 thousand dollars) is provided for medical and educational institutions.
  3. Their salary should not be lower than five times the subsistence minimum determined by Sakstat. Now it is about 280 dollars net of taxes.

Before looking for work in Georgia, it is important to note that difficulties may arise due if you are not familiar with the language and local specifics. Besides, it is worth taking into account the high unemployment level and low salaries in the country (on average, 350 dollars a month).

Working remotely

This is the most preferable option, taking into account the specifics of the Georgian labor market. However, it is important to remember that even working remotely, if they stay in Georgia for more than 6 months at a time, a foreign citizen becomes its tax resident.

This opens up opportunities to participate in Remotely From Georgia, a program designed for digital nomads. To participate in the program, you must provide medical insurance and a certificate of your income, which must be at least $2,000.

Start a business

It is not difficult to create an individual entrepreneur profile in Georgia. A foreigner just needs to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Coming to the House of Justice and registering as an individual entrepreneur.
  2. Registering with the IRS.
  3. Opening a bank account.

The procedure takes no more than 2 days and costs only $16-32. Difficulties can arise only with the opening of an account due to the fact that two large Georgian banks (Liberty and Bank of Georgia) canceled this operation for foreigners without a residence permit. However, foreign citizens have the opportunity to open an account with another big Georgian bank — TBC.

If you plan to get a residence permit to start a business, it is important to note that their activities should generate an income of at least $14,970. This profit must be declared and made available to the relevant authority.

Purchase property

Homes in Georgia are affordable. Local prices allow you to buy a good apartment in Tbilisi or Batumi inexpensively. Besides, for purchase of real estate for the sum from 100 thousand dollars, foreigners receive a residence permit. In the future, the owners of the purchased properties have the right to extend the status obtained.

Living in a country with a unique tradition and culture

Georgia is a charming country that tourists comment positively on consistently. Travelers are delighted to note the good-naturedness of the local population, as well as the beauty of the mountains, the good weather and the famous Georgian cuisine. Despite the fact that Georgia is a small country, there are many unique attractions and places to travel.

Foreigners who have moved here for a long time note a relatively inexpensive life. For example, renting a two-bedroom apartment in the center costs only $300 per month. Vegetables and fruits on the market can be bought at prices 1.5 to 2 times lower than in Russia.

Among the disadvantages is the dilapidation of many old houses in Tbilisi. It’s not safe to live in them. There are some problems with heating. Before moving to Georgia, it is also worth taking into account the local customs and mentality. Georgians, by their nature, are open and heartfelt people who appreciate warm and close relations. If you are not a fan of this style of communication and do not tolerate slowness, you will have a difficult time here.

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