Everything about the roundhouses from the «Realt Café» estate agency specialists

Everything about the roundhouses from the «Realt Café» estate agency specialists

26.02.2020 15:00

Have you ever heard of dome construction technology? The result is a hemisphere structure, shortly speaking, a roundhouse. This structure and the outside looks exotic, and is absolutely special from the inside: even the distribution of heat and the airflow movement flows is different here.

REALTING interviewed specialists of the «Realt Café» estate agency about why there are only a few such houses in Belarus, whether they are popular abroad, and about their main advantages.

— There are very few such houses in Belarus. There are several reasons for this: most people do not dare to think wider than they used to because a standard rectangular structure is easier to perceive. Also, there are some specifics of house planning and furniture equipment. Besides, you need experience in calculations, absolute accuracy in details.

In foreign countries, these houses are also rare. Frequently, there are buildings with dome system elements, such as the Capitol building in Washington D.C. and St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg. However, nowadays, residential dome construction starts actively developing in Japan, due to its seismic resistance that’s important for the region.

One of these unique houses is located 25 km from Moscow loop highway, in the Smolevich district, and is currently on sale.

— Previously, our agency did not sell this type of houses. But we gladly started to do so for one simple reason: we fell in love with this unique house with such an amazing atmosphere. Therefore, we are sure that it’ll find the same buyer, a freely and creatively thinking person, who’s is open to the new and appreciates the advantages of living in a roundhouse outside the city. Besides, the owner of the house is a pretty enthusiastic person, once designed it for his family life. But like many creative people, when he’s implemented his idea into life, he was ready to start working on the next one.

The biggest benefits of roundhouses are:

  • there are no additional supports in the house, it’s the carrier element itself that’s a big happiness for any constructor or designer. Complete freedom of action and implementation of ideas, partition-walls and rooms anywhere.
  • the dome withstands strong winds and high snow loads. It is precipitation- and earthquake-resistant. 
  • the air circulates naturally due to geometric features, without any stagnant zones. 
  • significant energy efficiency during the heating season.

— Difficulties with the interior are comparable to the difficulties with the interior in usual houses and apartments. As for furniture, as soon as you find yourself inside the house, you will not have a feeling of round walls, and you can use any furniture, even close to the wall. It happens due to a large area: a smooth rounding of the walls on a big stretch does not interfere with the house design or its comfort.

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