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Striving for excellence is our credo. We want you to be able to find everything that matters to you in our projects: functionality, aesthetics, and comfort.

Offering you high quality apartments at affordable prices is one of the main principles of our company. We use modern materials and equipment for construction, and the implementation of our investment projects is carried out by qualified specialists. We want our clients to be completely satisfied with the property they purchase from us.

New buildings
Business center K-one
Kopisca, Belarus
Area 16–37 m²
9 properties 9
Completion date: 2024
Developer: Si-treyding
The multifunctional complex « K-one » is an ideal place for business. Here you will find commercial premises, shops, parking spaces, offices and business apartments. This modern complex offers convenience and diversity for successful activities.
Apartment building Жилой комплекс Gastello Minsk Residence
Minsk, Belarus
Completion date: 2022
Developer: Si-treyding
Gastello Minsk Residence residential complex - a multi-storey building with comfortable apartments from the developer "SI-Trading". br / The new residential complex is a four-section house ten floors high, designed taking into account all modern construction standards. The building is built using technologies that provide a fairly high level of comfort at a low cost per square meter of housing. br / New building will have good strength through the use of monolithic-carcass technology. The project provides for the insulation of the facade of the new building, which guarantees high energy efficiency. br / Each section will be equipped with silent elevators, a intercom is installed at the entrance to the entrance. New building is equipped with the necessary engineering systems. br / Address: g. Minsk, st. Gastello br / Housing class: Comfort br / Number of apartments: 186 br / Number of floors: 10 br / Number of parking spaces: 170 (underground parking) / p
Business center Premer
Kopisca, Belarus
Area 23–148 m²
7 properties 7
Developer: Si-treyding
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We build turnkey houses based strictly on TKP and years of experience! Thanks to our experience and advanced technology, we are able to give a guarantee on all work and always meet project deadlines. In the last few years we have completed 146 projects, each of which was carried out in accordance with standards and our own experience. We adapt the configuration to your project as efficiently as possible without compromising the quality. We explain what can be removed, shortened or replaced in an easy-to-understand manner.

Strateg Group is a space for creative and goal-oriented professionals. We support the development of the most useful and ambitious ideas, from innovative technical solutions to projects in the field of fine arts.

UKS MINGORISPOLKOMA has many years of experience in the construction of facilities in various fields of socio-economic activity, both the capital and the republic as a whole, has an established system of work and human resources for the implementation of investment projects.

Through the PMC “ UKS Minsk City Executive Committee ” were built in. Minsk has almost all socially significant objects, among which in recent years it is possible to distinguish such unique objects as the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, the Building of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus, the Center for Olympic Training in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Palace of the Republic with the improvement of Oktyabrskaya Square, Hockey Palace, Indoor ice rink in the park to them. Gorky, Palace of Children and Youth, Indoor Football Maneuge, National Library of the Republic of Belarus, five-star hotel "Europe", multidisciplinary cultural and sports complex "Minsk-Arena", transport interchange at the intersection of Lenin St. and Partisan Avenue, Restoration of the manor house on the territory of the Loshitsky manor complex.

The idea of creating and developing a business for managing residential and commercial real estate, combined with creative potential, originated among future founders of the ODO « MacroEngineering » in the late 90s of the twentieth century. With appropriate higher professional training, in the next ten years they implemented engineering projects of various difficulty levels, gradually moving towards the embodiment of their ideas.

The start was taken when the car holding « Atlant-M » in 2000 created its engineering unit – IP « Atlant-M Stroy », specializing in the complex of services for the design and construction of car centers, service stations, car wash and gas station. In this unit, the future founders of the ODO « MacroEngineering » took a leading position, moving from the manufacturers of works to top managers.

Today ODO « MacroEngineering » is a company aimed at meeting the needs of its Clients in acquiring high-quality and reliable real estate at optimal prices, open to offers of cooperation and investment, with an existing flexible system of discounts and installments. We are unencumbered by outstanding receivables and payables, unfulfilled tax or other obligations to the budget, as well as illiquid assets.

The production and construction closed joint-stock company « TREST PROMSTROY » was founded in 1990 and has been operating in the construction market for 30 years. PS ZAO « TREST PROMSTROY » was actively building housing in. Minsk for 25 years. We built apartment buildings on the street. Pioneer and Guards, apartment buildings on the street. Surganova and on Pobediteley Avenue. PS ZAO « THRISTRY » residential buildings were also erected on the street. Timiryazeva, st. Pulikhova. Of course, we are proud of the landmark low-rise building in the area of the Drozda reservoir.

PS ZAO « THREST PROMSTROY » such significant objects of the city of Minsk as the Temple Monument in honor of All Saints in Uručia, the Pokrovsky business center, and the best sanatorium in 2020, Plissa, were built". Since 2020, our company began to implement construction outside the MKAD, in the developing satellite city of Smolevichi, where we are finishing the construction of an apartment building on ul. Industrial and cottages