ГП "УКС Советского района г.Минска"

пр-т Независимости, 46а
ГП "УКС Советского района г.Минска"
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New buildings
Apartment building Kvartiry vblizi Cnyanskogo vodohranilischa
Minsk, Belarus
Price on request
Completion date: 2023
Multi-apartment low-rise building for 4-per. Ring in. Minsk. The picturesque and landscaped beach of the Tsnyansky reservoir is located just 500 meters from the building. Comfortable life near nature! Low-rise building consists of three residential buildings House 1: 16 apartments House 2: 20 apartments House 3:24 apartments Residential buildings are designed for two-, and three-story. Each section of the apartment building is equipped with an elevator. The design of residential buildings is non-pocarcastic, with a transverse arrangement of load-bearing walls of ceramic blocks. Apartments: 3-room – from 90.64 to 106.76 sq.m.; 4- com. – from 121.2 to 121.66 sq.m. Infrastructure: within walking distance of the residential complex, there is a modern sports complex with open and closed tennis courts, a gym and a sauna with a swimming pool, schools, kindergartens, clinics, shops. Cost of 1 m2 of the total area ( for SNB ) living quarters for citizens who are not registered with those in need of better housing conditions, legal entities and IP: House 1 — 3 718.10 bel. rubles; House 2 — 3 572.68 bel. rubles; House 3 — 3 253.54 bel. rubles. Cost of 1 m2 of the total area ( for SNB ) for citizens who are registered in need of better housing conditions in the administrations of the districts of. Minsk, organizations of the city. Minsk, without issuing directions to the administrations of the districts of. Minsk: House 1 — 3 325.61 bel. rubles; House 2 — 3 190.47 bel. rubles; House 3 — 2 902.48 bel. rubles. The procedure for making money. For the payment of funds, installment payments are provided until July 2023 ( inclusive ). An initial contribution of 40% of the total cost of the shared construction facility must be paid within 10 ( ten ) banking days - for residential premises, the construction of which is carried out by individuals and legal entities, not registered in need of better housing conditions. An initial contribution of 40% of the total cost of the shared construction facility must be paid within 15 ( fifteen ) banking days - for residential premises that are being built by citizens, registered in need of better housing conditions. Applications for contracts are accepted ( are registered ) at the address of. Minsk, pr. Independence, 46, office 1. Live in an environmentally friendly area of the city of Minsk, relax after a working day near the pond or spend the weekend with your family in the fresh air — the dream of many urban residents! In a residential complex located in a picturesque prestigious area near the Tsnyansky reservoir, this will become a reality!
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The «A-100 Development» group of companies has been successfully operating in the residential and commercial real estate market of Belarus for more than 15 years. The company’s portfolio includes such large-scale projects as «Novaya Borovaya», «Piers», «Zelyonaya Gavan», «Depo», «Zelyonye gorki», «Zelenyi Bor», the large shopping complexes «Boro», ALL, ALL House, the A-100 filling station network, the «A-100» business center, several warehouse complexes, as well as varied social infrastructure facilities (kindergartens, schools, public areas). All of these projects are distinguished by their recognizable style and a bright, unique atmosphere.

Construction of permanent buildings and cottages.

Dana Holdings is a leading full-service company specializing in residential, industrial, commercial, educational, and mixed-use real estate project investments, as well as public-private partnership investments in emerging markets. In the early 1980s, we were one of the first foreign agencies to notice the potential of these markets, to start working in this field, and become its strong player. This was a greatly unstable time for the CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe. It helped us to gain vast experience in finding and implementing large-scale real estate projects. Today, Dana Holdings has completed more than 1,000 projects with a total area of over 10,000,000 square meters. Currently, there are 6,500,000 sq. m. of real estate worth $25 billion in our portfolio of investment and construction projects. Now, Dana Holdings employs more than 30,000 professionals

You can get the keys and move into your new apartment as quick as possible! The cost per square meter in the new building starts from $1,348. In 100% of cases the buyer receives a discount of up to 2% of the apartment cost (an average of $ 30 per square meter). Buyers also have the option of installment payment from the developer. You can get the keys from the new apartment by paying 20% of the price. When buying an apartment in installments: For 1 year - increase in price by 10 dollars per 1 m2. At 2 years - cost increases by $25 per 1 m2. Until October 2024.  - Cost increases by 30 dollars per 1 m2. Benefits: The residential complex is located in an ecologically clean area, near parks and reservoirs (reservoir Drozdny, Minsk Sea). Developed infrastructure: well-developed infrastructure - kindergartens, schools, medical centers, stores, fitness centers, beauty and health studios. Developed transport infrastructure. 15 minutes from the city center. Low building density. Only completed apartments with the state layouts are offered for sale in the complex. Houses in the complex built using the most advanced engineering systems. Well arranged parking spaces. A large number of decorations and children's playgrounds, as well as green areas. Apartments with French windows with high windowsills, glazed loggias, bright and sunny rooms, and combined partition walls between the rooms. Spacious elevators from Orona. Technical floor.

We build turnkey houses based strictly on TKP and years of experience! Thanks to our experience and advanced technology, we are able to give a guarantee on all work and always meet project deadlines. In the last few years we have completed 146 projects, each of which was carried out in accordance with standards and our own experience. We adapt the configuration to your project as efficiently as possible without compromising the quality. We explain what can be removed, shortened or replaced in an easy-to-understand manner.