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The production and construction closed joint-stock company « TREST PROMSTROY » was founded in 1990 and has been operating in the construction market for 30 years. PS ZAO « TREST PROMSTROY » was actively building housing in. Minsk for 25 years. We built apartment buildings on the street. Pioneer and Guards, apartment buildings on the street. Surganova and on Pobediteley Avenue. PS ZAO « THRISTRY » residential buildings were also erected on the street. Timiryazeva, st. Pulikhova. Of course, we are proud of the landmark low-rise building in the area of the Drozda reservoir.

PS ZAO « THREST PROMSTROY » such significant objects of the city of Minsk as the Temple Monument in honor of All Saints in Uručia, the Pokrovsky business center, and the best sanatorium in 2020, Plissa, were built". Since 2020, our company began to implement construction outside the MKAD, in the developing satellite city of Smolevichi, where we are finishing the construction of an apartment building on ul. Industrial and cottages

New buildings
Cottage village LipkiVillage
Pliski sielski Saviet, Belarus
Area 105–200 m²
23 properties 23
Completion date: 2023
< p > The implementation of construction projects will be carried out on lines to avoid endless construction. The implementation of the project will be divided into the 4 stage. < p > Currently, Construction of the tail 1 is underway within the street 1 -th in the number of 18 houses. < br /> The implementation period of the entire project will take the period from 2021 to 2023. < p > < p > All conditions for a comfortable life are provided < ul > < li > Urban environment < li > Comfort and security < li > The club town has housing attributes modern, while guaranteeing privacy and comfort. < li > Communications < li > Gas, water, wastewater are brought to each house and joined through a common system. < li > Architecture < li > The architectural and stylistic diversity of the village corresponds to the modern understanding of the country house. < li > Design Code < li > Brick, tiles, wood, metal, plaster. The general principle of zoning the fence is 1.6 meters high. < li > Forest < li > The forest territory adjacent to the village will be comfortably ennobled and equipped. < li > Roads < li > The town has 2 access roads, on the perimeter of the village roads and sidewalks are paved with tiles. < li > Shops < li > A store within walking distance with all the necessary assortment will be located in the urbanized area. < li > Sports area < li > Modern multifunctional platform for sports and healthy lifestyles. < li > Children's Play Area < li > Timely Play Area that your children will like. < li > Recreation area < li > A public square to relax and meet friends will be located nearby. < li > Prices < li > Affordable price range, a house with a plot will cost the price of an apartment in Minsk.
Our agents in Belarus
Andrey Zagortsev
23 properties
Other developers

Construction of residential and commercial real estate

In 2013, another enterprise – LLC « JurStroyMash » appeared on the construction market of Belarus. The company specializes in intermediate-stage LCD ( 5 floors ), and also builds multi-story ( 9-10 floors ) residential buildings. Residential complexes from « JurStroyMash » – the optimal combination of price and European quality. When choosing sites for development « JurStroyMash » takes into account several factors: -environmental conditions ( some residential complexes are built in picturesque places near forest park zones ); - proximity of infrastructure ( schools, kindergartens, shopping centers within walking distance ); -good transport accessibility.


Among the implemented projects of LLC « JurStroyMash » in. Mogilev – there is also real estate in prestigious central quarters. Most of the new buildings « JurStroyMash » belong to the « Comfort » class segment. The construction company uses over the years of brick technology, the walls are insulated with mineral wool ( 140 mm ). In the construction of LLC « JurStroyMash », modern technologies are actively involved: three-chamber double-glazed windows and Italian heaters are installed in residential complexes, improved plaster is used, heat regulators are used. All apartments are spacious, with a well-thought-out layout. The developer « JurStroyMash » is already trying to minimize further utility costs at the construction stage.

MONOLITTRANSSTROY is a private unitary construction company specializing in project management and the construction of frame-type buildings and structures made of monolithic reinforced concrete. The company has its own fleet of formwork, world-class technological equipment and highly qualified personnel, that allows it to construct buildings and structures of any number of storeys and structural schemes.

Striving for excellence is our credo. We want you to be able to find everything that matters to you in our projects: functionality, aesthetics, and comfort. Offering you high quality apartments at affordable prices is one of the main principles of our company. We use modern materials and equipment for construction, and the implementation of our investment projects is carried out by qualified specialists. We want our clients to be completely satisfied with the property they purchase from us.

Our organization was founded in 1994. At that time - a closed joint-stock company « Inver-M ».

In 1996, CJSC « Inver-M » is one of the ten largest private construction companies in the Republic of Belarus. In 2004, CJSC « Inver-M » became the leader in the construction industry, specializing in the installation of sliding roofs and ventilated facades.

In 2007, CJSC « Inver-M » was renamed to CJSC « Metalstroyprofile », and in 2012 it was reorganized into LLC « Metalstroyprofile ».

Since its foundation, our customers have been: NGOs « Center », software « Belarusneft », TsUM Minsk, brewery « Krititsa », brewery « Olivaria », Libyan Embassy in. Minsk, OJSC « Belavia », Republican Mining and Ski Center « Silichi », UP « Mingaz », City Department of the Ministry of Emergencies, Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus, Museum of the World War, Forensic Medical Examination in. Mogilev. And this is not a complete list of them.

Since 2007, CJSC « Metalstroyprofile » has become an active participant in the real estate market as a customer ( developer ) and has successfully completed the construction and implemented several multifunctional complexes, the total area of which amounted to more than 35.0 thousand square meters. meters.

Since 2010. CJSC « Metalstroyprofile » began to act as the General Contractor for the construction of residential buildings in the Minsk region as part of the implementation of the Republican level housing program. Our organization has built a large number of multi-storey residential buildings with a total area of more than 45.0 thousand square meters. meters.