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Your Next Home is created to bring the revolution in the field of Real Estate in Greece. We, the inspirers and creators with experience in the real estate field and at the same time many years of experience and successful presence in the banking, insurance and tourism sector, guarantee you the best result in the search for the ideal property for you. Our principles are teamwork, anthropocentric perception and total quality in your services and service that through the most modern techniques we will cover 100% of your needs and your dreams.

Your Next Home aims to offer the best services in the real estate field with a single guide. The impeccable service of each of our customers nationwide. Our company is the means to get your own home. Immediate Service: Through our state-of-the-art website you have direct access to our large portfolio. All the information you want is accessible through the quick view of all our properties. The most important of all is our response to your every request, daily, serving you and advising you in order to make the best choice of property. To make this happen we use one of the best management programs in the field of Real Estate.



1. Real Estate Services

2. real estate insurance

3. technical service

4. Renovation - construction services

5. Legal Services

6. Golden Visa services - Property investment services

7. Property, hospitality, and investment management services

8. Guaranteed return on capital services

9. Marketing 

10. Property tours - Open Days

11. Hospitality and rental properties services

12. ΤurnΚey service

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George Kostakis
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We are an international real estate investment company located in Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Lebanon and Montenegro. We began our journey in Lithuania in 2010, and arrived in Greece during the financial crisis as pioneers to opportunity investments due to the affordability of real estate, and the high demand on investment opportunities in Greece from our wide network of clients. Our work centers around the idea of being the leading real estate agency in Greece in technological advancement and customer satisfaction. Our vision is to make our JP & Partners community around the world of people who are actively involved in the purchase and sale of real estate, and to achieve this; our values are a strong belief in who we are, strong trust in our people, our clients, and our B2B network, and persistence to achieve greater.

Skouras Real Estate operates in Argolida and Messenia, regarding all types of real estate, as well as in the coastal areas of the Peloponnese like Laconia, Arcadia and Corinthia, specializing in vacation houses. Our technologically advanced & fully organized offices are located in Nafplio, Kalamata & Porto Cheli. In 2005 our company was founded as a family business offering local services and has now evolved into a new generation real estate company, comprised by educated real estate agents with international certifications & offering complete and reliable services. In 2019 the company was awarded with the first prize by ΕΠΠΑ-BPOR (Association of Certified Brokers of Greece) on a national scale for attracting foreign investors/buyers. In 2020 our company received 3 more awards during the International Property Awards in London. The awards were received for the following categories: Marketing, Single Office &Website. In 2021 SRE unaugurated its new office in Kalamata, in order to be able to represent the areas of Messenia & Laconia in a more direct & complete manner. In 2022 the company was awarded for the second time with the first prize by ΕΠΠΑ-BPOR (Association of Certified Brokers of Greece) on a national scale for its Marketing techniques. In 2023 SRE inaugurated its new office in Portoheli and is now able to offer even more specialised services for this unique area of Argolis.


Skouras Real Estate consists of an educated team including • Certified realtors • Real estate evaluator/appraiser, • Legal advisors, • Civil engineers, • Property manager and can provide quality services to Greek and foreign clients. Today, the company represents more than 1.300 real estate properties and during the last years more that 80% of the company’s contracts have been with foreign clients. Skouras Real Estate is a member of the Association of the Athens – Attica region civil contract realtors & EPPA and has also created a network of collaborating agencies in various countries, among which France, the U.K., Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Israel and Lebanon. Based on technology and constant education, we excel in our clients’ preference. The excellent knowledge of our region makes us capable of providing complete services, no matter how complicated or simple your needs may be.

Some of the elements that define us are honesty, morality and passion for real estate.

In an ever-changing market, the development of our company is its moving power. For Skouras Real Estate each client is unique. We create relations based on trust, making your wishes come true. We are always by your side, Your partners, Skouras Real Estate Team

The company AΧIA REAL ESTATE has offices in 3 major cities of our country. In ATHENS 53 Solonos, THESSALONIKI Vassileos Heraklion 53 and KAVALA Pavlou Mela 12.

AXIA REAL ESTATE company is based on three very simple and solid principles: 25 years of experience, transparency and teamwork. The executives who were mobilized from the real estate market, but also from various other professional fields, coordinated in these principles, in order to contribute to the creation of the large creative and active real estate team with exemplary service and enviable results. The philosophy of our office is the excellent customer service, whether he is a buyer or a seller, respect for his choices and utilization of the property or cash he has, with confidentiality and above all honesty.


Epsilon team is a business of special features which makes it different than the rest of the real estate agencies in Greece. It is a group of 9 people who cooperate closely with each other to complete any project they have taken on.  It is the only group that has constant legal support – both for the company as well as for any questions or problems its customers might have – given the fact that the laws concerning buying and selling are very versatile and by default rather complex in Greece.

Additionally to the free legal advice that Epsilon team provides its customers with, it has established a constant partnership with experts and scientists that might be needed when buying real estate. There is an Interior Designer, a Civil Engineer and an Architect, the services of whom are totally guaranteed by the company.

All of the above-mentioned partners provide their services to the customers of the Epsilon team, giving them priority as well as a 20% discount.

The Epsilon team covers all the prime location areas in the north, the south and the center of Athens when it comes to buying or renting. There is also a special department for the independent and commercial buildings and shops. The Epsilon team also deals with selling residential real estate by the sea.

To provide better service to our customers we cooperate with real estate agencies in big cities in Europe and we promote our real estate in Greek and international portals as well as in the Social media.

The Epsilon team is a member of the Athens Realtors Association and the Athens chamber of tradesmen.

The Real Estate Agent Kapelli Tataki, assumes responsibility to find the property you are looking to buy. We also undertake the sale, rental assessment of your property in Athens and the rest of Greece. The areas are mainly moving: Abelokipoi, Polygon, Upper New Blister, New Philothei, Gkyzi now and Heraklion larch Maroussi. In Athens Pallini, Artemis, Spata, Pikermi, Rafina. We offer a complete portfolio including apartments, houses, cottages, plots, shops, offices.