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Company Type
Real estate agency
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We know everything about our job which we do with love paying special attention to the client. Our real estate agency is located in Lithuania so we stay informed of all current events - falling and rising prices, update of offers, changes in legislation, etc.
You can trust us.


Selling your own real estate.
Real estate from developers.
Real estate from agencies.
Real estate from individuals.
Selection and search of real estate.
Support of real estate transactions.

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We help to make money on foreign real estate! Earn 15-40% on resale or up to 12% per annum on rent.

Real estate prices for our buyers will be lower than those of the developers.

We build ourselves and cooperate with the largest construction organizations in Northern Cyprus. We do our best to serve you after the sale of your property, and, if necessary, help with social adaptation in Cyprus.

We are currently working with Spain, Northern Cyprus and Turkey, but we always strive to exceed your expectations, so we will help you buy real estate anywhere in the world.


Relist is a professional real estate services company whose team consists of specialists in residential and commercial real estate with many years of experience.

The company's experience comes from a subsidiary of DNB ( later Luminor ) real estate bank, DNB Būstas ( later Luminor Būstas ). 2019 year. Luminor Būstas was sold, but the company team continues to work at Relist.

The company's operating principles violate the traditional concept of the full cycle ( from - to ) of one broker. For the search or sales process to be effective, different specialists work at different stages. Thus, the whole team seeks to create maximum value for the client.

Fifteen years of experience in buying, selling and renting out properties. Today we provide the following services:  

We sell and rent out, professionally advertise. We look for clients in Lithuania and abroad; We consult people, who want to buy, sell or rent real estate; We quickly find property for sale or rent; we represent clients in negotiations at client’s request; we prepare legally secure preliminary contracts of sale, purchase and cash contracts; we advise on legal issues related to real estate loans for the design, construction, renovation of buildings of class A+ and higher heat resistance; we arrange land zoning, cadastral and geodetic surveying, prepare detailed plans, change designation, design, construction and renovation work; We provide consultancy services on implementing investment projects, starting a business, and solving business problems.

Capital is a successful franchise offering a wide variety of real estate services.  Capital brings together real estate brokers, real estate appraisers, surveyors, construction and home decore specialists, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, financial accounting specialists and other real estate market professionals. Our goal is to create value for our customers, to stand out from others, to be a reliable and flexible company that is always ahead.