The mystical aspect of the real estate industry: signs and superstitions of realtors 2021
The mystical aspect of the real estate industry: signs and superstitions of realtors 2021

The mystical aspect of the real estate industry: signs and superstitions of realtors

When it comes to the sale of real estate, professionalism and critical thinking are at the forefront. But in the real estate industry there is room for both signs and superstitions. In this article, you will learn about the mystical aspect of real estate trading: good and bad signs, patterns and unspoken rules. It’s up to you whether believe in them or not. 

Good signs

Realtors who have been working in the sales for a long time have an array of superstitions and signs boding well: 

  • The rain on the viewing day is a guarantee that the client will buy a house. 
  • If you find a coin on the way to the object — it’s going to be a successful deal. 
  • Did you take a prepayment for the apartment? If yes, expect a storm of calls from the other buyers who are interested in that apartment. 
  • As soon as you start preparing for a transaction with one object, other apartments which you manage will grow in demand. 
  • If you manage to show one more object on the day of a successful deal, you’re likely to receive a prepayment for it. 

There are some good signs concerning the behaviour and peculiarities of clients. For instance, a deal is likely to happen if the buyer: 

  • sits on the sofa, chair or drinks a cup of tea or coffee with a realtor while viewing the housing; 
  • forgets something in the viewed apartments and comes back; 
  • the tedium and meticulousness of the client serve as the omens of the success of the transaction (you can take it as a reward for your patience); 
  • if the first person to contact you is a man, then your day will be lucky, and if it is a woman, you will definitely not get bored on that day. 

Some real estate agents carry around their personal charms of good fortune. And it doesn’t matter what kind of object it is — a pen, a ring, a coin, a brooch or a notebook. It is believed that if you take such an amulet of good luck with you, the transaction will be successful. 

Superstitions of realtors

Bad signs

Among the real estate agents there are plenty of bad signs that call for caution. For example: 

  • If the buyer orders double-glazed windows, doors or kitchenware right after making a prepayment for the apartment, there will be no deal — be prepared to encounter a lot of obstacles. 
  • If the clients admire the apartment and talk about it out aloud exchanging ideas about how to furnish a particular room and immediately specify the details about the prepayment, there is almost a 100% guarantee that the deal will fail and the object won’t be bought. 
  • If a married couple comes to the viewing and the wife doesn’t like the housing, even if the husband was the one to contact you and he was satisfied, the deal will not take place. 

Figures and numbers

Nothing human is foreign to realtors, especially when it comes to superstitions. For example, the baker’s dozen and the number of the beast (13 and 666 respectively) are regarded as unlucky. Experienced real estate agents say that apartments with these numbers are always problematic and it’s hard to sell them in a short period of time — the viewings and deals are full of failure and force majeure. 

Similar numerological concerns involve the 13th day of any month. This day is considered unsuccessful for concluding transactions and signing papers, especially if it is Friday. Moreover, realtors try to avoid the baker’s dozen, even when it comes to the number of points in the contract. 

Days of the week

On Monday and Friday, it is better not to sign a purchase and sale agreement or go to any business meetings related to real estate. They say that on the first day of the week, failures will inevitably follow you and it is better to put off all business meetings till Tuesday or Thursday. At the same time, receiving money on Monday is considered to be a good start to the week. 

Unlucky number

Signs which serve as prohibitions

There is a long list of superstitions and beliefs about what a realtor should not do. For instance, many realtors refuse to write down the contacts of potential buyers into the phone book — but it is believed that in this case those clients will remain potential forever, never having bought anything. Interestingly, this rule also applies to those with whom you are already in the process of concluding a deal. 

It is also rumoured that the realtors should by no means take off their shoes in the apartment during its viewing otherwise the house brownie will take them for the owner and will interfere with the deal. For the same reason, you should let the client cross the threshold of the house first, this way he or she will feel like they already own the housing. 

What else should a realtor avoid doing, if you believe in signs: 

  • Refusing the first client who comes to see a new object (be it a small discount or another easing). They say that in this case you will get stuck with the apartment. 
  • Before the final conclusion of the transaction, you should not recalculate, spend, or even decide where to spend the commission (especially the deposits or prepayments). It is also believed that after receiving the money, they should stay in your wallet for at least one night — under no circumstances should they be spent on the first day. 
  • Until the buyer signs all the documents, it is better not to remove the ads on websites and the sale banners on the object itself for you can scare off good luck. 
  • You should not start cleaning the object immediately after the potential buyers’ departure — it is believed that this way you ‘sweep away’ the departed and they may not return. If it’s slushy outside, you can just offer them to wear shoe covers. 
  • Washing your hair before the deal. Probably, this sign comes from the students among whom it is believed that washing your hair on the night before the exam means washing out your knowledge and experience. 

Other signs and patterns

There are quite a lot of neutral beliefs, signs and patterns based on observations that are popular among realtors. Here are some of them: 

  • For a novice real estate agent, it is advisable to spend the money which you earned from the first deal on buying a leather wallet. Then you should put a bill from your first commission inside the wallet and keep it there. Experienced realtors keep such money from deal to deal. 
  • After receiving a commission, a realtor who honours traditions must necessarily throw a modest party in his real estate agency and wave money over the workplaces of the colleagues. This way you fix the achieved result and allure the Fortune for the future deals. 
  • It is considered that the contract should be submitted for signing with the left hand, and the signed one should be taken with the right hand. 
  • If the right hand is itching, a new deal is coming, and if the left hand is itching, the deal will bring money.


It is a personal matter whether to believe in these signs or not. After all, it is professional qualities and experience that play the crucial role. But remember: signs and beliefs are always based on observations, collective intelligence, and some popular statistics. Whether there is some truth in the signs or not it is up to you, but it is rumoured that such a fatalistic approach with an air of humour helps to be less nervous about the deals.

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