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About Costa Rica

Officially translating to the rich coast, Costa Rica is a sovereign state located in Central America that shares its borders with Panama, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. Officially known as the Republic of Costa Rica, it is well known for having a highly educated workforce and a stable democracy. The country offers Free Trade Zones (FTZ) that incentivizes many companies and organizations to conduct business. It is recognized as one of the greenest countries in the world due to its dependence on renewable sources of energy and sustainable environmental policies.

What makes Costa Rica unique?

The small country is home to more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity in spite of accounting for only 0.03% of the total landmass of the world. Apart from amazingly rich biodiversity, the country also has many unique topographical features spanning from lakes, beaches, national parks, volcanoes, and much more. Attracting a large number of tourists each year ranging from nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, explorers, adventure seekers, and much more. This makes it the most visited country in Central America.

Is investing in a sensible move?

Costa Rica has become a prime choice when it comes to real estate investments especially from foreigners from developed countries. There are a lot of choices when it comes to property deals ranging from beachfront properties, independent villas, and much more. As there are not a lot of restrictions and laws, it is very easy to buy property. By choosing a reliable real estate agency, you can get access to hundreds of sensible property deals within the country. Whether you are looking to move to the country permanently, or just want to diversify your investment portfolio, property deals in Costa Rica has a lot of potential and scope for growth. Additionally, they are relatively cheaper when compared to other developed nations and locations.