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  • Matis
    Caimitillo, Panama
    from €890,415
    Area 337 m²
    1 property 1
    MATIS - COMPLEX OF APARTMENTS OF ABSOLUTY CITY AND DAMAGE! The luxury apartment complex has been specially designed for those who dream of a true enjoyment of life, moreover with a beautiful view of the vast ocean! APARTMENT COMPLEX The complex building consists of 56 floors.  The first 10 floors include: places to relax tennis and squash courts game rooms sauna and spa parking. AT 6 STAGE OF UNICAL PLACES FOR HERE Space for various events and playground Gym, sauna, squash court Huge pool for adults and children Outdoor terrace and barbecue  On one floor there are only two apartments.  Ultra-modern silent passenger elevators and a freight elevator.  Three parking spaces for each of the apartments. Reliable fire and emergency installations. Modern video surveillance system.   APARTMENTS: The area of the complex’s apartments is presented in the following versions – 336.9 m2 and 342.9 m2 with three bedrooms. It is possible to purchase four-bedroom apartments. This option is designed and calculated upon exclusive request. Living room – dining room overlooking the stunning ocean. Open kitchen-dining room for breakfast. In the MATIS complex you will find for yourself everything you need for a luxurious and peaceful life!  
  • Nogal
    Panama City, Panama
    Completion date: 2026
    Nogal is located in the most prestigious area of Panama City, Costa del Este, an area known for its high infrastructure standards and a wonderful business area. Located in the heart of the business center and with access to the main roads. Nogal is in close proximity to shops and restaurants, just a short drive from the city center, making Nogal an ideal place to live. Building: 41-story tower 32 apartment levels 6 apartments at the level Apartments 100m2, 122m2 and 131m2  Security 24 hours Electricity generator  Water reserve tank Infrastructure of social zones of the complex: Social Area № 1: Family pool and jacuzzi  Covered terrace with bar  Running track Event Hall  Playground for children  Gym Social Area № 2: Cinema Zones for relaxation and games SPA lounge Prices: from $ 295 thousand.  Readiness: 2026. Construction - 3 years. Payment Plan:  15% down payment 10% installment in a year 10% installment in 2 years 65% payment by the time construction is completed in three years. Payment in full or in installments from the developer at 6.5-7%. By the time of completion of construction, as a rule, the increase in the price of real estate is about 10-15%. The expected rental income in this complex is 6-8%, or ~ 1600-2000 $ per month.  And another important advantage of acquiring real estate in this complex is the ability to obtain permanent residence status!  
  • Korolevskaya Palma
    Caimitillo, Panama
    from €149,917
    Area 70 m²
    1 property 1
    Seafront apartment complex “ Royal Palm ” with cutting-edge design and architecture. The complex is located in Playa Gorgona, just 50 minutes from Panama City and just minutes from the city of Coronado. View of the endless ocean!   TWO BASHNY with 28 and 21 floors   BASHN A has 6 apartments on the floor BASHN B is located 8 apartments on the floor APARTMENTS can be with 1 or 2 bedrooms LIFTS 4 passenger and one freight INFRASTRUCTURE: 24 hour security General hall with administrator on the ground floor Vacation Places Parking for guests Private balcony   Infrastructure of the 1st floor ( 1st social zone ) -covered terrace -restaurants and cafes pool - exit to the private beach   Infrastructure of the 3rd floor ( 3rd social zone )   multifunctional court terrace gym sauna -child playground -room for private events -jakuzi -family pool   The complex has only 281 apartments Apartments with an area of 70 m2, 129 m2 and 135 m2 1 and 2 bedroom apartments View from all apartments - to the ocean Several apartments for sale at a price of 165,000 $ Payment plan:  1st option - 100% 2nd option:  PV - 30%  70% - installment plan from the developer at 6.5% for 5 years, while living and renting out real estate 50 is possible immediately Projected rental income at least 6-8% per year Annual cost increase -8-10% The complex is ready-made-2016    
  • Milyy D32om
    Caimitillo, Panama
    from €298,925
    Area 104–368 m²
    2 properties 2
    Complex Sweet House  Located just a 15-minute drive from Panama City city center and overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Panama Canal – Sweet House – it is an ideal home that meets the needs of as an amateur urban lifestyle, and anyone who wants to have quick access to the beach. 24 hour security Double glazed glass with heat and sound insulation Full emergency support service Concierge service Three floors for parking Three main passenger and one freight  Parking for visitors   ON STAGES From 4 to 19 LOCK: Apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing room, open kitchen, personal balcony and terrace. 12 apartments on the floor. 6 apartments with ocean views, and 6 apartments with views of the Panama Canal and the rainforest.   ON STAGES From 20 TO 24 ADVENT:  3-bedroom penthouses, 3-bedroom bathrooms, open kitchen, dressing room, spacious terrace and ocean view.   On the last floors of the complex there are places for relaxation with panoramic views, a swimming pool, a gym, an outdoor terrace and a playroom. Prestigious Membership in Pearl Beach Club  Private access to the beach and pool  Fitness center  Luxury Spa Center   The area of the apartment is 103.9 m2-133.9 m2;                                                     226.8 m2-394.8 m2 The complex was commissioned in 2012.  
  • Pinoalto
    Jaramillo Abajo, Panama
    from €284,842
    Area 95–145 m²
    3 properties 3
    Completion date: 2025
    Pinoalto Complex Location: 10 minutes from the town of Bokete. Readiness - 2025. The Pinoalto complex is located in the foothills of Boquette, a small town in the high mountain province of Chiriki in Panama, next to the river canyon, on the one hand, and the horse club, on the other. In an effort to expand the tourism infrastructure in the area of Boquette and the investment opportunities that have been opened in this region, the developer seeks to develop the Pinoalto project. Thus, the Pinoalto project is an attractive investment project.  This cozy mountain project consists of apartments of various sizes and many public areas in the spa style, focused on a calm comfortable leisure and communication. Complex infrastructure: -Restaurant -Terraces -Readroom -Coffee house -Barbecue areas - Pools -Watch sites Natural ventilation and shading of the Strategy for maximum comfort in the tropical climate. Orientation and shape of buildings allow the wind to penetrate all condominiums and common areas. Open corridors facilitate air circulation throughout the building, so that each unit has the ability to cross-vote. QUANTITATIVE OF APARTMENTS 3 FASES: Available Phase A - 34 apartments Apartment area from 95 m2 to 145 m2 PRICES from 313,500 to 478,500 $ installment plan for 5 years: 15% upon signing the contract 10% after 8 months 10% after 6 months 15% after 24 months Total - 50% prepayment in construction The remaining 50% in installments for 5 years with a rate of 6.5% ( may change ) Without prior approval process No overpayment penalty Phase A readiness of the Pinualto project: 6 months before the pre-sale 18 months for construction Will be completed in the first and second quarter of 2025.  
  • Arkadiya
    Panama City, Panama
    from €268,033
    Area 70–76 m²
    3 properties 3
    Completion date: 2024
    Arcadia is one of the best investment facilities in Costa del Este. This is an aparthotel that will generate income from the first day you get your keys! Arcadia is a modern luxury apartment hotel that combines the concept of ideal housing and excellent investment opportunities. Designed specifically for a modern metropolis resident and located in the most prestigious area of Panama City - Costa del Este. You can enjoy high-performance technologies combined with concierge service, coworking, stunning views of the park, various amenities and accessibility to all of Costa del Este's attractions. Due to the convenient location of the complex, you can enjoy all the privileges of life, as there are cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centers, cinemas, pharmacies, medical clinics and parks a few steps away. Complex - 43 floors 3 floors of sharing 302 apartments Apartment area 70 m2 and 76 m2 Installment programs are available. The amenities that the complex offers: -Elegant lobby, concierge service -Service services -Free parking -Sports pool, sauna -4 panoramic elevators and 1 freight -Auto electric generator -Fire protection -Bicycle parking -Jogie Studio and gyms -A favorable environment for animals -A huge number of spaces for work, business meetings, leisure, sports and communication. As an investor or resident, you can permanently reside here or rent apartments and enjoy all the amenities that our complex offers. The apartments are rented in “ turnkey ”, with furniture, dishes and textiles. Great air conditioning. Delivery of the complex in March 2024!    

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