The renewed list of top safest countries to live in 2021

The renewed list of top safest countries to live in

03.02.2021 15:00

The analytical portal Numbeo has released an updated version of the list, which includes the most dangerous and safest countries in the world. The list was compiled on the basis of the officially registered number of crimes in different countries. This time, 135 countries entered the TOP — 2 more than in the previous version of the list, published in the middle of last year.

These are the safest countries to live in 2021: 

  1. Qatar. 
  2. Taiwan. 
  3. UAE
  4. Oman. 
  5. The Isle Of Man. 

Switzerland, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Japan and Georgia are also among the TOP 10. Germany was 42nd on the list, Italy — 68th, and the United States — 80th. Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are ranked 52nd, 82nd, and 114th, respectively. The last place in the ranking went to Venezuela. 

Compared to last year’s version of the list, there have been several major changes. For example, Georgia went 6 positions down, while Greece and Italy — 8. Some countries, on the contrary, went up. Among them — Russia, which rose by 3 positions, the United States — 4 and Ukraine — 5. Belarus has undergone the most drastic changes. It fell from the 17th place to the 114th due to the current political conflicts.

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