Prestige Group of Companies and their innovations in the real estate industry

Prestige Group of Companies and their innovations in the real estate industry

10.07.2020 15:00

The Prestige Company Group was established in 2016 and it took just a few years to become a part of such organizations as «The Confederation of Real Estate Agencies», «The Union of Realtor Re-engineering Companies», and «The Belarusian Real Estate Association „Belan“».

The company operates in different price segments (from budget to luxury) and specializes in the purchase, sale and renting of residential and commercial properties, as well as in shared construction and the purchase of new buildings without commission. All agency contracts are exclusive.

The company has offices in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus where it occupies about 60% of the total real estate market.

The company’s staff consists of 165 employees, however not all of them are real estate professionals. The company has an actively developing IT Department that is responsible for high-tech development and business process optimization. Additionally, the agency has a team of highly qualified lawyers with many years of experience in the real estate market. It also has a recruitment agency that is responsible for hiring world-class employees not only in Belarus but also around the world.

The founder of the company, Andrey Garrievich Varinichenko, says that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the real estate market. He assumes that real estate prices in Belarus may decrease by 15% and that the market recovery will begin no earlier than in 2021.

Руководитель ЦН "Престиж"

Andrey Varinichenko

It is worth noting that during the coronavirus pandemic the company takes very good care of its customers and employees and is concerned about the security of transactions. Currently only 20% of clients prefer to conduct in-person negotiations. The rest of them actively communicate through video. As a result, most of the processes of the Prestige Real Estate Center have gone online: negotiations are conducted via instant messenger, information is provided with links to cloud hosted documents and meetings are held in video chats and conferences.

In order to minimize the risk of social contact, Prestige agency has introduced a new format for real estate presentations. The client gets an overall view of the desired property before they see it in person. Using video and aerial photography, as well as 3D video tour, potential buyers can examine in detail not only the inside of the property, but also the view from the windows, the entrance, the vestibule, the elevator zone, the courtyard, the parking lot and even the playgrounds and sports grounds.

Not every client is ready to make a deal without being personally present. Nevertheless, during the preview, the buyer can evaluate a large number of properties in very a short period of time. After selecting a few that are the most suitable, the potential buyer negotiates with the agency about personal meetings directly on the territory of the property. In this manner, the company has reduced the number of real time showings at the expense of those customers who are not ready to make a deal yet.

One of the main Prestige Company Group’s accomplishments is the unity and proficiency of its staff. The company organizes team building activities and holds corporate events on a regular basis. It also takes part in various sports competitions. Moreover, «Prestige» Company Group sponsors the «Belarusian Fighting Championship» of Mixed Martial Arts that is usually held in the Republic of Belarus.

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