Passports that allow you to travel without a visa to most of the world: rating by countries 2021

Passports that allow you to travel without a visa to most of the world: rating by countries

25.05.2021 12:00
Author: Anastasia Mayevskaya

In mid-April 2021, Henley & Partners, a company that studies the most travel-friendly passports, presented the world with an updated rating of the states with the most visa-free travel options. They counted the number of countries that citizens of the assessed state can visit without the need for a visa.

According to the consulting company, restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic made the gap in freedom of movement between countries grow the largest in several decades. According to analysts, the situation in this matter is significantly complicated by the heterogeneity of access to vaccination in different countries, but the very possibility of combating the virus gives hope for a positive dynamics of development.

Top three (four) finalists

Japan still takes the first prize: a national passport of the land of the rising sun literally opens the whole world to the traveler: it allows them to freely visit 193 countries. And this is despite the fact that foreigners are still prohibited from entering Japan due to the pandemic.

Silver as of April 2021 goes to Singapore: citizens of the country can enjoy travel without paperwork in 192 countries without limitations.

The third-place award is shared by South Korea and Germany this time: their passports make it possible to visit 191 countries without a visa.

The remaining places in the top 10 of the rating, by tradition, are mainly occupied by the EU countries.

Interesting developments

Among the most unusual movements in the ranking over the past decades:

  • +50 points in the rating: the UAE has moved up from the 65th position and taken 15th place in the list. Now the citizens of the Emirates can visit 174 countries in the world without a visa.
  • +22 points in the ranking: China has jumped from 90th place (40 countries without a visa) to 68th position (now 77 countries are open for visa-free visits to the Chinese).

Despite the above data, freedom of movement around the world is, as of now, a mere declaration on a piece of paper. This is due to restrictions still being relevant across the globe because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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