How much do nano apartments cost in different countries? 2021

How much do nano apartments cost in different countries?

15.01.2021 15:00
Author: Maria Kozhukhar

Worldwide, there is a growing demand for nano housing — apartments with an area of less than 30 m². Despite the small size of such a property, the sales figures are increasing every day. 

The economic instability resulting from the pandemic has also contributed to an increase in demand for small and affordable apartments. Incomes of the population don’t grow, and real estate prices at least remain the same. Moreover, in the conditions of lockdown, some people have an increased need for their own housing. 

The main advantage of nano apartments is their small cost. The owners note that small-sized housing has become the only opportunity for them to purchase their own real estate. 

Another important factor is that in some countries it is easier for foreign citizens to obtain a residence permit if they own real estate. 

The REALTING team checked whether nano housing is really that cheap. Examples of properties and their prices in different countries are given below. 


Real Estate Agencies: 7 Floors, Dana Astra, Etagi


Real Estate Agency: Capital


Real estate Agencies: City Realtor Center, Aventin and Companion LLC, Real Estate in Sochi


Real Estate Agencies: Habita International Real Estate AgencyVIPCON LKV


Real Estate Agenc: Paris management group


Real Estate Agencies: Westhill Property D.O.OMonteonlineСММ Investment Consulting Group

Czech Republic

Real Estate Agency: Czech Village s.r.o

Experts say that such type of housing can be a good source of passive income from renting out real estate.

Photo: Envato

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