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Liga Real Estate is a new 3-year old officially registered company of professional managers from different countries of the world speaking Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic, Persian. At the same time, our company is a family business.

We are not afraid of the word «NEW» and we don’t plus extra years to our age to seem solid as other companies do. Anyway, we can assure our customers that we work with the best team, each manager of which has wide experience in working in the biggest construction companies and real estate agencies in Turkey.


Professional qualitative services to help you to choose in every case YOUR project (according to your wishes and budget). Our credo is efficiency, we are always in contact and can consult you by phone, skype, e-mail immediately.

  • Meeting at the airport and accommodation in either comfortable apartments or in the hotel. Sightseeing trip around the city and regions, inspection trip to the projects;
  • Help in appliance for a bank-loan (from 6.9% up to 10 years) for the property you choose;
  • Help in appliance for residence permission and medical insurance for you and your family;
  • Make a deal by signing 3-part contract in English and Turkish languages (Persian-Turkish, Arabic - Turkish);
  • After-sale services and help to make the interior of your new home: we accompany you in furniture shops and buy household appliances with you and take private discounts and prices in almost all the shops in Alanya.
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