Международное агентство недвижимости Habita

Habita - About company

1845 properties 151 commercial properties
Finland, Elimaenkatu 17-19, FI-00510 Helsinki, Finland

Website: www.habita.com

Email: habita@habita.com

Languages: English, Русский, Deutsch, Svenska, Suomi

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Company description

Habita International Real Estate Agency has been successfully operating since 1989. With our help, thousands of people have resolved their housing issues.

We deal with all types of real estate transactions:

  • buying, selling and renting residential real estate (apartments, flats, rooms, houses),
  • selling lots,
  • buying and selling commercial real estate (offices, warehouses, industrial premises, selling a ready-made business),
  • renting commercial real estate

We conduct transactions on the primary and secondary real estate markets, as well as suburban and foreign real estate. Habita agency is represented in 10 countries: Russia, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Estonia, Thailand, Georgia, The Gambia and Northern Cyprus. We will help your dream to come true!