Александр-Н Агентство Недвижимости с 1994 года

Александр-Н Агентство Недвижимости с 1994 года - Über das Unternehmen

10705 Wohnimmobilien 1724 Geschäftsimmobilien

Beschreibung des Unternehmens

Alexander-N has been maintaining a leading position in the Odessa real estate market for 25 years thank to its expertise in finding an individual approach and innovative solutions. In 2011, the company progressed to a new stage in achieving its goals. The main objective turned to polish the mechanism of the agency’s operations, to get rid of everything hadn’t passed the crisis check, to crystallize the previous achievements of Alexander-N until the complete service excellence. All of this caused the decision to make a total rebranding of the agency. From now on, the new Alexander-N logo is in the form of a crystal (crystal pyramid), which symbolizes classical stability, purity of the company's intentions, transparency in relations with customers and transactions. We are changing for the better. To hold leadership, you need to set the pace and to be ahead in times. We have updated our exterior alongside with retaining all best experts and merits of the agency.
purchase / sale and flat swap, houses and land property; renting of apartments and houses; purchase, sale and renting of offices, shops, warehouses, retail space, industrial premises and other types of commercial real estate; assistance in obtaining a real estate purchase loan; appraisal of real estate; legal consulting; legalization of real estate, design approval and obtaining of required authorizations and approvals
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