Apartment in Mahmutlar, Turkey

Mahmutlar, Turkey
Updated at: 25.11.2023


Country: Turkey
State: Mediterranean Region
Region: Alanya
Village: Mahmutlar

Building parameters

The year of construction: 2023


For sale apartment in Mahmutlar. The layout of apartment 1 + 1, the total area of 55 m2, and the distance to the beach is 300 meters. Real estate in Mahmutlar is optimal for recreation and life as families with children, so youth. But especially the area fell in love with pensioners from the CIS countries. After all, it is here that the language barrier – of signage and menu in restaurants is not felt in Russian. Although Mahmutlar is 14 km from the center of Alanya, on its main streets Barbaros, Ataturka and the embankment are always crowded, infrastructure, trade, restaurants are open all year round. This is an autonomous town where there is everything for life and a busy vacation, a large shopping center is being built, Turkish farm bazaars, many restaurants, shops, boutiques are held twice a week, and at every step there are supermarkets. The entire coastline of Mahmutlar is occupied by numerous beaches. Along the promenade and inside the area there are bicycle paths. Many parks, sports and playgrounds. Mahmutlar is characterized by simple planning — 3 main streets run parallel to the sea, there is little chance of getting lost. Compact, inhabited area with saturated infrastructure.


Mahmutlar, Turkey

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