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Apartments by the sea in Spain

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Where to buy affordable apartments by the sea in Spain

Endless tourist traffic and highly developed infrastructure of the coast make sea apartments in Spain one of the most popular real estate types in the country.

What are the average prices of coastal apartments in Spain?

Among other factors, the resort area of accommodation influences the cost, with the highest prices in the Costa del Sol region. The cheapest property there is worth €150,000. A 90-100 sq. m apartment comes to at least €200,000, while beach properties can commonly carry a price of a million euros. In the Costa Brava, prices are lower. One can buy a one-or two-room apartment for €100,000. Cheap residential real estate is in small towns of the Costa Blanca and island resort areas.

Is it possible to buy a Spanish apartment by the sea for up to €100,000?

It is quite realistic to get a property on the Spanish coast even for €50,000. The popular seaside cities with the most inexpensive real estate are:

  • Torrevieja;
  • Guardamar del Segura;
  • Alicante.

In Torrevieja, a 40 sq. m one-room apartment costs €47,000-51,000, in Guardamar del Segura and Alicante, prices for one-room apartments start from €85,000. Apartments worth €65,000-80,000 are available on the Tenerife Island.

Is it profitable to buy apartments in Spain to rent out?

Regardless of which resort area apartments and other types of property such as houses or villas are located, renting them out to tourists (in person or through an intermediary company) is a very profitable business. A property owner gets from 6% to 10% per annum. While in the holiday season, which lasts 5-6 months, accommodation is always full. In large cities, homes for rent are quite popular even during wintertime. Moreover, if desired, it will be very easy to sell it as well.