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About Dominica

A small island nation that is located in the West Indies. Being home to the world’s second-largest hot spring, Dominica is well-known for its lush green forests and biodiversity. As most of the island has mountainous terrain with lush green forests, there are many rare plants and animals that are native to the island. This makes it a prime attraction for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. For its impressive natural environment, the country has earned the title of the «Nature Isle of the Caribbean».

Does Dominica have a stable economy?

Though the country was plagued by years of poor performance and low GDP, its economy is gradually on the rise thanks to the contribution of various sectors such as agriculture, tourism and construction. The tourism industry is slowly on the rise due to efforts by the country. The main activities offered for visitors involve hiking, beaches, trekking and camping. With most sectors steadily on the rise, the economy of Dominica is on its way to stability and development.

Buying property in Dominica

As Dominica welcomes property buyers from any country or nationality, it is relatively easy to acquire property in the island nation. There is a small fee that you have to pay as a foreigner. However, the process is relatively simple and streamlined. By choosing a reliable real estate agency, you can compare hundreds of properties readily available. As it is still a developing nation, the real estate market is not very competitive which can help you get great deals on prime properties including: beachside luxury properties, houses, apartments, villas, and others, there is a lot to choose from when you are considering buying property on the island. It is also a great destination to move into permanently as your new home due to the lush greenery and welcoming atmosphere.