House 70 m² in Zarecca, Belarus

Zarecca, Belarus, Minsk District, Taksist
€ 13,388
Updated at: 20.03.2023


Country: Belarus
State: Minsk Region
City: Minsk District
Village: Zarecca
Address: Taksist

Building parametres

The year of construction: 1995
Total area: 70 m²
Land area: 440 m²


I'll sell the cottage, ag. Zamostochye, Minsk district, Mogilev, for example, 13 km from the МКАД2 level, walls - log, roof - cipher, year of construction 1995, building area 6 & times; 6 m, internal area of ​ ​ the building 70/& ndash ;/& ndash; m & sup2;, plot area 4.4 acres, forest nearby, reservoir/river nearby, picturesque place, bath, garage, greenhouse, farm. buildings, furniture, fireplace. The cottage is located in the village "Taxi Driver," near Zamostochye. , . Dianest-Stroyinvest


  • Furniture
  • Garage
  • Bath house
  • Greenhouse
  • Fireplace


Zarecca, Belarus, Minsk District, Taksist
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