Information about payment methods on the platform services

A list of additional services is available in your personal account and in the «Advertising on Realting» section.

If you do not have a personal account on the platform, you will need to register on the platform.

How to order a service?

On each active advertisement in your personal account, you can click on «Promote» and select services that can be paid for with a bank card.

Fees are fixed and depend on the tariff of your choosing.

How to pay?

Card payments via an online acquiring service are available for legal entities and individuals.

You can use the following options to pay by a bank card:

  1. Top up your balance by purchasing the selected number of Realtings on the «Wallet» page. Realtings can then be used to activate specific services.
  2. Click on «Promote» button on a specific advertisement in your personal account.

Next, you need to select the parameters of the service or a specific amount of Realtings and click on «Go to payment» button. A special secure payment page of the bePaid processing system will appear on your screen.

The payment page will show the order details and the amount of payment. To pay, you will need to enter your bank card details and confirm the payment by clicking on «Pay».

If your card supports 3-D Secure, the system will prompt you to go through the standard verification procedure on the issuing bank’s page.

Within one day oafterf payment, your REALTING wallet will be topped up (top-up information will be available in your history).

Once payment has been made, a payment confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided. Please keep a record of all transactions made on the REALTING platform.

We accept payments from the following bank cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Belcart, Mir.

Bank card payments are made via the bePaid electronic payment system. The bePaid payment page meets all data transmission security requirements (PCI DSS Level 1).

All sensitive data are stored encrypted and secured against hacking to the maximum extent possible. Authorization pages are accessed using Secure Socket Layer Communication Protocol (SSL/TLS).

You can also link your bank card to our services. Your card details are stored in the system. BePaid guarantees the protection of bank card data used to pay for services on the REALTING platform.

An invoice-based payment option is also available for legal entities.

To pay via invoice:

  1. Select the service you want in your personal account under «Advertising services» by clicking on «Submit Application» button. Or click on «Promote» button on the active advertisement and select payment by invoice.
  2. A platform manager will contact you to confirm the selected advertising service and send you an invoice for payment to your e-mail address.
  3. After payment, our manager will additionally contact you to clarify the details of the service (in such manner as you think fit: WhatsApp consultation, e-mail communication).

In case of service cancellation, refunds are subject to the terms and conditions of the public contract.


No refunds will be given for payments made with a bank card (including a corporate card) from which the payment was previously made.